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Annatto furniture shuffles dish whole wait for Pan Xingao

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These days, huang Annian, Fu Ze, Wang Peijun and Maggie Sun are tired bad, they are the China International that is about to hold next week classic furniture exhibition is busy extremely. The delicate a bit of classic furniture market did not affect the near future their enthusiasm, many ginseng exhibit business general to be shown in succession on the Jing generation of unprecedented is huge make.
“ market is weak all to whole industry company is same, we are not afraid. The price returns to reason gradually nowadays, also be the good way that market trend stabilizes healthy progress. ” China International is classic the sponsorred square controller Huang Annian to speak an industry aspirations of furniture exhibition, the market drops in temperature or encounter disturbance perhaps is not an evildoing to them.

Stock market concussion considers shuffling

Wang Peijun of general manager of limited company of furniture of annatto of Shanghai mulberry horse tells a week of conduct financial transactions the reporter, business of company annatto furniture is first-rate last year, have not enough time to do. But rise from 23 month this year, as the stock market go low, the business is delicate a lot of. “ money market is stagnant, it is annatto furniture sale not the main reason of flourishing. ” does not cross Wang Peijun to tell a reporter, just is this moment they take exhibition of this classic furniture seriously more. “ the inning that this is construction brand. ”

According to Shanghai Fu Ze of general manager of classic furniture company introduces Zong Yuanshan, suffer the stock market to affect the price to fluctuate the biggest is red sandalwood wood, its price from highest every tons 850 thousand yuan 300 thousand yuan when drop madly to nowadays, used the time with brief much half an year only. Look in him, it is normal that the slump in price of red sandalwood wood is belonged to dish whole, conduce to the market returning to rational price. Fu Ze points out, drop somewhat besides price of red sandalwood wood actually outside, other annatto material is rising.

China International is classic the sponsors exhibition of Europe of square Shanghai luck general manager Huang Annian of furniture exhibition says frankly, now is the inning that the market shuffles, the market dimensions of “ classic furniture is expanding every year, shuffle in experience ceaselessly. Our exhibit meeting tendency to introduce good brand, and shortsighted small small retailer can be gone out please. ”

Jing generation is huge make will appear

The 7th China International is classic furniture exhibition will on May 16 - the center is exhibited 19 days to hold in Shanghai. Regard home as the history the longest, famous degree highest what give priority to a problem with classic furniture is professional trade exhibition, it already became the barometer that the industry grows.

What 1000 labour of “ unplug pace bed ” is limited company of furniture of annatto of Shanghai mulberry horse is rolled out ceremoniously is new article, modelling gain is big and have originality, wide even more high each 2.6 meters, into deep more amount to 3.6 meters. Enter the room that it is corridor head on, left lamps and lanterns of short ark buy, on the right side of makeup stage, the bed with big broadness still is after the one curtain that take credit, really in the room have a house additionally, indoor still have room.
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