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From first quarter the market looks 2008 furniture to go situation

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2008 first quarter, home market suffers prices to connect go up, finance is low fan, building city sways the influence that waits for an element, the corresponding period of market of furniture sale in domestic market glides 50 % left and right sides; Export market suffers a RMB to appreciate, raw material rises in price, labor cost adds those who try to reach a lot of element such as American economy coast to restrict, furniture exit glides compared to the same period 60 % above. Grim market situation gives furniture the industry, cross be used to especially the furniture of ” of “ wedding day creates a company, after liking “ wine, drive enter person of policeman of red light, experience to did not wake ”……

Furniture industry from 2005 the wind and cloud since second half of the year is choppy, look in me reason reduce 3 elements ——

One, I ever spoke of in a lot of circumstances, the development of any industries is move toward intensive from extensive, move toward small profit from sudden huge profits, “20 year ” is the industry arrives from primary level shuffle the rule of the ” of “ established by usage of level, furniture industry is not exceptional also.

2, furniture industry is active profit structure is unreasonable, cause terminal price to make do not fall high: Furniture product arrives from manufacturer terminal price, it is commonly 1.8 - the fold of 5, for instance one comes on the stage valence the sofa of 1500, retail price is in commonly 4500 the left and right sides, this kind of unreasonable profit margin causes a sale directly glide. The main reason that creates structure of this kind of unreasonable profit has two: It is furniture sells a hire firstly too tall, together with a few sell a flying dilate, drive up management cost; It is furniture company is lacked to terminal price secondly control ability and operating system, a mature product especially a large amount of products, adopting catalog type to sell is inevitable trend.

3, the company that furniture industry advanced position enlists malign competition is too much; The distribute community with jumbly a list of things of middle reaches fish is too big; The great ambition that terminal sells a fast dilate is too strong I am in …… monograph " high threshold times " in once forecasted: To after 2010, production meeting has advanced position a lot of companies are competed to wash out a bureau; System of middle reaches agency washs out conformity through the market, business of operation of occurrence furniture brand; Terminal sells a “ to sell field ” dominant in order to serve 3 class for oriented brand interactive sale pattern.

Since 2005, furniture manufacturing industry of China is annual be fallen into disuse to go out with many 2000 industry measure bureau, this is given priority to with company of board type furniture among them. Was sure 2008 is the year with furniture very crucial industry, market competition and market situation will be more grim. From the point of market rule and furniture industry group, the key that the market shuffled 2008 besides board type furniture, sofa board piece with real wood furniture board piece, because suffer the effect that ” turns inside “ export, will make the 08 central points that eliminate competition.
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