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Of the standard contend for Africa " annatto " agitate whose good bureau

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Enormous value is poor, similar name, ” of African “ annatto justs to land domestic furniture market, an adumbrative a great disturbance is about to erupt in annatto furniture industry. Hitting when price of domestic annatto furniture when upgrade rolling the ground goes up, ” of African “ annatto bureau of this “ agitate person the occurrence of ” , the person that let the ” of “ vested interest inside annatto course of study people suffer lose greatly. Say like place of the expert inside course of study, of huge profit contend for antagonism of inevitable generation acutely.

“ Africa rosewood every stere 16 thousand yuan, African chrysanthemum pear every stere 12 thousand yuan, flocculus rosewood (wood of formal name rosewood) every tons 800 thousand yuan, vietnam chrysanthemum pear every tons 600 thousand yuan. ” this is the lumber quote that comes from website of some authoritative annatto furniture. Although be “ rosewood ” and ” of “ chrysanthemum pear, but ” of pear of chrysanthemum of “ of those of blame of ” of pear of this “ chrysanthemum, ” of two “ rosewood is disparate also. Attentive person quotes from them ” of unit “ stere and “ ton of ” differ to be able to see clue, and from inside the quote with photograph decuple margin, average consumer also can experience both distinction.

Oppose opposite party

” of African “ annatto is “ plum ghost ”

’ of annatto of “ Africa ‘ is the annatto on real significance far from, it is the ‘ on annatto market plum ghost ’ , flying annatto of ” Beijing interest sells the general manager Wu Xin of field to build the earth's surface of resolute and decisive to show. It is ten days ago, “ is driven beyond forbearance the annatto of capital of traditional annatto company of ” first floor, rosewood a street is opposite first floor and annatto together ” of African “ annatto took the action, fair show the ” of “ annatto byname that gives a few mix the false with the genuine, expressing ” of wingceltis of Africa of ” of pear of chrysanthemum of Africa of ” of “ safflower pear, “ , “ publicly is plum ghost, start shooting the first gun of ” of annatto of “ of Africa of annatto market clean up.

“ is hit in market of some annatto furniture plum ghost ” spot, the staff member placed the big aquarium of a Cheng Manshui, in the timber investment water that pledges a few kinds of material respectively, because ” of African “ annatto grows time is shorter, lesser float is in density on surface, and traditional annatto breed sinks quickly benthic, this was become painful the weapon with best ” of batch of African “ annatto.
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