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Exhibit those who see Asian wind to rise abruptly from furniture of 2008 Milan i

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Cai Ming, bo Luoni lives in things group CEO

Outside be being exhibited except furniture, lamps and lanterns exhibits biennially by odd year hold, kitchen furniture is exhibited and office furniture is exhibited meet even year hold. Meet through exhibiting, can see international lives in wind direction this year: Style of new Asia of lay particular stress on, high-tech uses remarkable grow in quantity, colour, pay attention to unripe activation more.

One, the rise of Asian wind

Exhibited 2007 on the meeting, sex of adornment of the line that ArtDeco gives priority to, pattern is designed still extraordinary popularity. But this year, this one style already was replaced by the Asian style such as type of Chinese style, day.

Apply the Armani of top class brand of Asian element earlier in great quantities, the screen of style of draw of world of its Japan float, deserve to acted the role of hall ark to show full-bodied inferior type amorous feelings. Exhibit this year on the meeting, the Asian style such as type of culture of Chinese style Chinese, day form culture, peaceful erupts in the round.

Material is qualitative go up, manufacturer of numerous a gleam of uses the natural data such as the cane of Asian style, hemp. In the space criterion complementary with a large number of greenery, the Oriental buddhist charm of nature of indication press close to. Characteristic of picture of Chinese style paper-cut for window decoration, adornment, nation is acted the role of taste an ornament among them, have not at western tradition classic and costly with extremely contemporary brief, body reveals Oriental philosophy beauty.

Asian economy high speed grows, market potential is tremendous, make brand of international a gleam of caters to Asian consumer in succession, undertake designing with inspiration of local article melt into. In the future that can foreknow, the development speed of this one trend is met more will swift and violent, walk along world main stream to create an opportunity to culture of Asian each country.

2, household life high-tech is changed

Change as intelligence, the electron changes a process to accelerate, high-tech resides the place in the life to take part in the home bigger and bigger. 2008 exhibit on the meeting, remote control slippery door, can rise fall hide the standard configuration that type cigarette machine, sound accuses home appliance to wait to already made a few brands.
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