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Course of study of furniture building materials has many from electronic Id far

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Recently, yan Jiangying of spokesman of news of bureau of national medicine inspect announces: All will right leaving factory " of Id of electron of executive " of medicines and chemical reagents superintends a system. From this, the author associates, superintendency method is opposite the industry of furniture building materials of lag, when can also be like medicines and chemical reagents same, distribute an electron id card when leave factory? Such, can be perfected not only and normative managing system, stem fake the flaw that the product flows into the market, still can promote a product class, accelerate the market to shed rotate speed to spend, assure product quality.

In fact, electronic Id is affixed before product of furniture building materials leaves factory, this is in our country precedented already.

It is early 34 years ago, the manufacturing business that Shanghai annatto furniture standardizes committee to ever was 16 annatto furniture and distributors issued " annatto furniture to taste mark " really, the " in applying electronic intelligence to change a system to identify annatto furniture plum ghost " . Consumer should land website or Xiang Gongmu mark only appoint can inquire, the material that can be informed this annatto furniture is qualitative name, eligible, examine the information such as date. On November 23, 2006, place of information of bureau of Nanjing city qualitative inspect the staff member decorates a city to install service window in Jin Cheng designedly, apply code, bar code detects wait for a service to send building materials the market, extend a product energetically form code, the purpose is to let Nanjing citizen buy building materials kind when commodity, can resemble buying commodity into the supermarket same, through Zhang paying after bar code scans. But somehow, the favour such as this was not in actually industry of furniture of countrywide building materials blossoms and bear fruit, let a person feel quite ponder and indissoluble.

After the event, the author consulted line of business inside digital expert. Original, in Id of electron of " of the paste on furniture building materials " , look be like very simple, actually expends setbacks quite. It is the id card of electron of product paste " that manufacturer wants to spend money to employ norms of factitious avery kind of, each project, each batch " , rose to produce with management cost; 2 it is the technology that manufacturer wants to provide relevant measure for its personnel and one a complete set of detects relevantly equipment …… so, manufacturer home is not willing to be on product of furniture building materials paste electron Id. because such, industry of building materials furniture just is become fake a of the product heavy disaster area. According to introducing, the price of furniture of Mu Gongmu of beautiful pear of a bedroom is in 50 thousand yuan or so commonly. Because most consumer is right what the material of annatto furniture pledges true bogus, charge for the making of sth. actors or actress bad knows is very little, a few illegal agency play case with pretend to be true, shoddy etc fraud is scurvy. And helpless helpless consumer, can use goods to compare the home and the 3 methods by instinctive, range estimation to answer only, the person that be deceived theres is no lack of its person.
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