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Negligence brand lack publicizes southern furniture line of business 3 a serious

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After experiencing the swift and violent development that is as long as 20 years, ever by the society accepted the Guangdong furniture that the country in going in furniture industry forward position, tall house for “ provides ” of market dominant position, nowadays already not answer in those days brilliant. Recently, the famous furniture brand of two ground enters Guangzhou, Shenzhen early or late Beijing, with Beijing brand household sells establish direct channel, result from southern brand to be in Beijing namely field year after year is atrophic. Be in Beijing, those who hold the mainstream is southern furniture brand no longer, however the promising young person of Beijing mainland. As the arrival of the rise of northward furniture and brand competition times, the ” of pathogeny of 3 big “ of southern furniture oneself makes its are in the argue with Beijing army group the momentum that lost charge forward.
Block up of dealer system of organization develops

“ we are in in the market of Beijing atrophic. ” is southern him speak bluntly of controller of company of some brand furniture the awkward situation that the product faces in Beijing. Each large famous household that this brand furniture once was in Beijing sells an infinite view, but the household discount store that has not calculatinging the main trend only nowadays stays have a point of sales, other sell also do not see its figure again.

Long-term since, the climate of reforming and opening of Guangdong furniture profit from, border HongKong and Macow and the favourable geographical position of the gold passage that makes join home market and foreign market, and the support of the people that local government builds a stage to help an enterprise act in a Chinese opera, holding the market share of 60%% of countrywide furniture total production value, enjoy furniture of “ whole nation to see ” of old of manufacturing industry of furniture of Guangzhou ” , “ wait for the United States praise. As what live in current job ceaseless development expands and the dilate of company of partial Guangdong furniture needs, brand of a batch of furniture opens a branch in the area besides Guangdong in succession, the program removed countrywide domain.

“ problem goes to go up in furniture distribute system. The personage inside ” course of study expresses, use dealer system of organization to undertake dilate lets brand business lose control advantageous position and active power, this becomes Guangdong home to provide the ” of important “ pathogeny in Beijing lose power and influence. The enterprise opens market success through agency, but general representative the agency of many brands product right now not however, or by the agent door development becomes new company brand, control of disobedient perhaps company accuses, optional pass in and out sells the market. The market that furniture of partial south brand is in Beijing gradually the agency of atrophy and Beijing exits large household to sell have immediate concern.
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