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The country in 2008 has concussion of industry of industry push forward period

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Was destined one year be rough every 2008.

2008, chinese economy is considered as “ to visit big country by media of domestic and international much home economic period ” , and in the era that in big country economy can not bring a ring of light, chinese enterprise especially civilian battalion enterprise, honest all previous wears most acid test: The “ that RMB appreciation brings the loss of ” of every months of 4 aircraft carrier, the company that labor cost promotion creates and employee are two-way and fatigued and weak, export the change of a series of policy such as drawback, the ascendant … of raw material cost…

The enterprise is in tighten up capital, agency opens the facade of a shop in suffering, export business faces transition, the cake of home market enterprise is squashed badly.

Be faced with 2008, chinese furniture industry is in experienced nearly 20 years annual what increase rate exceeds 20% is flying after growing, will greet what kind of tomorrow, why will 70 thousand company that has an industry face Chinese home to plant destiny? As those who swing 10 years is enter to seek advice from an organizer in furniture industry, the author thinks the industry of Chinese furniture industry concussion period proclaims formally so far arrival.

Concussion of pressure of inside and outside is quickened

2007, total output value of Chinese furniture industry exceeds 540 billion yuan of RMB, relatively 2006 year increase rate is broken through again 25% . Chinese furniture industry 1.3 billion from 1978, grew 415 30 years times, what had taken industrial development quickly is budding period, grow period, and grow be the first furniture of world to export the first furniture of big country and world to produce big country. From the point of industry oneself development, the end of growing phase brings the beginning of concussion period necessarily.

Outside pressure is from 2006 exit drawback policy is adjusted begin. 2006, 2007, the country moves low furniture twice kind exit withdraws tax rate, drop by original 13 % 9 % . Furniture kind the profit margin that the product exports is original not tall, the poor rate of this 4 % has been heavy pressure to many enterprises. And this just begins to furniture industry.

Pressure one: Import tariff violent wind rises, furniture industry encounters all-time cost pressure

“2008 year custom duty of export of log of Russia of second half of the year will promote substantially, achieve 80 euro / stere. ” a few days ago, russia is stationed in China business affairs passes exit wind on behalf of Qipulakefu. This message comes out, import in log undoubtedly 70% result from the China of Russia is overhand bomb of a heavy pound. As we have learned, chinese lumber imported 36 million square metre 2006, import 21.82 million square metre from Russia, 70% what occupy entrance gross. 2000 - 2006, russia lumber imports the portion in lumber gross to exceed 50% in China.
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