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The monarch lives in square

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Heilongjiang province peacefuls square of household of monarch of fragrance river city held water on May 23, 2006. Total business acreage 3200 square metre. Manage 13 furniture brand. It is to peaceful at present fragrance river city's biggest omnibus household market. Business scene is right peaceful fragrance river and near its area and face] have with area of Russia far east agelong omnibus trade dealings. The business canal that has major is assembled guide buy and translate a team, here by right of high-grade grade and good service and complete after service the area has good reputation and development perspective

Address: Heilongjiang province peacefuls household of monarch of Xu Shengliu building of fragrance river town
Postcode: 157300
Contact: Ms. Wu Jing
Phone: 0453-3968988
Fax: 0453-3968988
Network address: Http://