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Happy heart comes to furniture company

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Company of Xi Delai furniture is collect bedchamber, sitting room and office set the large furniture company that board type furniture, real wood furniture is an organic whole, the factory is located in Heibei to visit Xing stage town, center of research and development is set in provincial capital Shijiazhuang city. The factory covers an area of a face to accumulate more than mus 200, floor area 60000 square metre, employee 1000 more than person, have product line of advanced furniture of Germany, Japan, Italy. The company passed ISO9001 early or late: 2000 international quality manages system and ISO14001:1996 environments manage systematic attestation, already obtained ” of certificate of qualification of enterprise of imports and exports of “ People's Republic of China, be judged 3 years to be ” of unit of “AAA class credit by province Agriculture Bank continuously, have the honor to win provincial “ to abide by contract keep good faith the honorary title such as unit ” .

Our product is judged to be “ China market of furniture of environmental protection of 10 provinces city is famous brand ” , “ is light industrial and classy (class A) consumer of ” of product of famous brand of Heibei of product ” , “ , “ is believed so that cross environmental protection of green of product ” , “ to recommend commodity ” . The product is popular more than 20 municipalities that visit town, export Korea and Japan.

We manage with “ aggrandizement interior, seek credit with quality, beg development ” to be a tenet with credit, figure and reputation are developed in furniture industry; Faculty thinks furniture of consecratory environmental protection is the society oneself, go all out in work hard, start a business in all more good tomorrow!

Address: Heibei visits Shijiazhuang town
Postcode: 050035
Contact: Mr Song Renjie
Phone: 0311-85267951
Network address: Http://