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Scene sitting room talks to sell a demand in the design

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1 sell the space of field to be changed roomily. In the design of scene sitting room, making capacious sense is a very important thing, no matter the space is big,still be small, in be being designed indoors, need to notice this. Capacious feeling can bring relaxed mood and delighted mood.

2 sell the space of field highest change. The sitting room is the mainest public activity space in household, no matter whether do artificial condole to support, must ensure dimensional height, this height is to show scene sitting room should be to sell the space in field clear height the biggest person. This kind highest change included to use all sorts of partition or act the role of the illusive processing that tastes ark.

3 sell the landscape of field maximize. In selling a design, the scene that must ensure angle place sees from which has aesthetic feeling, this also includes main viewpoint (sofa is in) the maximize of the landscape of dimensional inside and outside that sees outwards. Scene sitting room should be whole bedroom is decorated the most beautiful or most individualizing space.

4 sell the illume of field the brightest change. Scene sitting room should be whole bedroom light (no matter be natural lighting or artificial daylighting) the brightest place, of course this shines is not absolutely, however opposite. Perhaps be in a few real activities, light is indispensable.

5 sell the style general of field polarization. No matter the individual character of any family member is aesthetic perhaps characteristic how, unless consumer does not have contact of what relatives and friends at ordinary times, must ensure its style is accepted by masses place otherwise. This kind gains ground be not point to decorate ordinarily general, need to design the person in letting come to the sitting room to experience harmony however, compare that kind of recipient style.

6 sell the material of field qualitative generalization. In 12 scenes sitting room in decorating, must ensure place is used decorate material to pledge, especially ground material can apply to the majority character member of whole perhaps family. Be in for example the bricky material with sitting room too glossy laid, the likelihood can cause harm to old person or child or hamper their action.

7 sell the traffic of field optimization. The layout course of sitting room of 12 kinds of scenes is adjusted should be most smooth, no matter be the sitting room of the sitting room of side through type or type of the cross intermediate, should ensure what enter scene sitting room or pass scene sitting room is smooth. Of course, this kind ensures is formed below the case that selling a condition to allow.

8 those who sell a furniture is applicable change. The furniture that sitting room of 12 kinds of scenes uses, should consider the applicability of the applicability of domestic activity and member. The mainest consideration should be the use problem of old person and child here, it is truly occasionally must make a few concession for their convenience.
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