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Furniture of sitting room of much money highest grade is designed

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The sitting room designs a principle

The sitting room can differentiate commonly to receive a visitor area, have dinner area, study area. Receive a visitor the area should lean appropriately outside a few, have dinner area is close to a kitchen, study area occupies a corner of the bedroom only.

Satisfying living room muti_function need while, the harmony that should notice whole living room is unified; The local beautification of each functional area is decorated, should note the visual aesthetic perception of obedient whole. The colour design of the sitting room is due a fundamental key. Use what colour to serve as fundamental key, should reflect master interest.

General bedroom is tonal use relatively quietly elegant or slant some colder tonal. Xiang Na's bedroom has enough sunshine, can use slant cold tonal, day north bedroom can be used slant those who warm is tonal. Tonal and main be to pass the ground, metope, end face to reflect, and adornment, furniture rise only adjust, additional action.

Anyhow, should accomplish comfortable and convenient, enthusiasm rich and kind, contented, make the person has sweet and auspicious feeling.