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The affection of furniture product changes design and strategy

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Products plan is from practical set out with aesthetic viewpoint, fall in the tie such as viewpoint of value of science and technology, society, economy, culture, artistic, resource, offer a kind of of the service vigorous activity through market communication. The aspect that contemporary products plan covers is very extensive, from equipment of sophisticated war industry spaceflight, to establishment of family expenses kitchen utensils and appliances, can say, our life was full of a design everywhere. The ultimate goal with a view to of products plan solves the concern problem between artificiality and person, make content can be in the biggest limit the physiology of contented person and psychological demand, create for the mankind thereby good, safe, comfortable and beautiful live environment and space,
The progress that element of the affection in 1 products plan reflects course

The affection of alleged product is changed even if point to the base that has use function in the product to go up, gift product affection connotation, make the product can express a kind of feeling. This kind of affection can communicate people correctly and form resonance with human affection, touch the affection world of people then, make people is accepted and like this kind of product.

Industrial design development can be divided roughly for 3 period. The first period is from 18 centuries below half leaf comes 20 centuries are earlier, this is its brew and explore period. The product in those days is deformed, the function is low, but people did not make to the curiosity of strange thing the product reveals a too much illness, satisfy at the joyance that the innovation of mechanical production brings. Subsequently, england produced arts and crafts to move, this motion had to the configuration development of the product promote certainly, it is later inside European limits people raised taller requirement to the quality of the product, want to satisfy basic corporeal function need not just namely, include the requirement of more mental levels even.

The 2nd period is to be between first time and Second World War, this is its form and develop period. Here, industrial design already had relatively systematic theory, transmission receives inside limits of alive bound; Also produced the administrative levels that go forward one by one to change in the demand administrative levels of the mankind after the the First World War at the same time. If be in manufacturing industry respect, prewar the big batch production that rises in American car and development of electric equipment industry, after 1918 the trend matures, 20 centuries 20 time, production grows quickly, subsequently and those who come is consumption expands, for a short while the dream of special grade person is like blessing to already became reality. However, they arrive without anticipation, those relatively rich consumer need now more abound metabolic commodity. This standardized form showed human demand administrative levels go forward one by one, namely: 1) safeguard lives; 2) makes the life more comfortable; 3) make the life more interesting. Ford must abandon the famous ideal that he produces about standardization before long. Before stock of new York wall street broke down greatly 1929, the discussion of a lot of concerned designs oversight a very main element –– customer. Till 20 centuries stylist of industry of 30 time profession is on American land appear, this kind of phenomenon just is able to change, turn and begin to pay close attention to consumer to affective demand.
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