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Inn of gold of Jin Fuli furniture is long groom hold successfully in June

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On June 26, 2008, inn of gold of Jin Fuli furniture is long groom (boreal area) in Long Gang Ji Zhixing hotel is held as scheduled. Grooming this is inn of gold of Jin Fuli furniture grew afterwards April groom (south area) later again act. Cheng of instructor of actual combat sale just opened a gentleman to come from with more than 40 China medium, China north, northeast, inside the store of Jin Fuli furniture of more than 10 municipalities visitting town such as unconscious, Xinjiang is long, guide the member that buy people happily gather under the same roof. Act on promotion brand image, promotion guides the professional skill of the member that buy and the tenet with enthusiastic job, groom the You Jiu history that basically is aimed at Jin Fuli furniture, product sells dot and working manner, force of the management with the member that buy to guiding, senior inn, leader made explaining incisively mixing elaborate with executive force. Meanwhile, learn in nervous course, groom the organizer still compares the form such as Pan through head wind colour, group, promotional group content cohesive affinity of everybody and centripetal force, pass mutual the understanding between and familiar, promotional the friendship between each other.