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The industry shuffles stimulative industry grows classic furniture momentum driv

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Last year since October, price of log of rosewood of flocculus of annatto of entrance high end drops considerably, be thwarted of confidence of market of classic craft furniture. Recently, celestial being of Fujian of base of production of furniture of classic craft of the rural area that the author visits classic craft furniture, whole nation swims the village below dam of garrison post of head of prefectural a list of names posted up understands, celestial being makes the experience after classic craft furniture develops annatto quickly one round the industry shuffles, still maintain exuberant development momentum at present.

The industry shuffles hurried develops

Celestial being swims the county has company of furniture of woodcarving, classic craft many 1500, sales revenue amounted to many yuan 20 2006. 2007 the beginning of the year, develop quickly as domestic economy, celestial being swims prefectural annatto is classic craft furniture market is swift and violent warm up. For a short while, a large number of capital swarm into classic craft to furniture is produced and sell a profession. Celestial being swims manufacturer of production of furniture of craft of annatto of Home Xiacunyi weighs dam of garrison post of head of prefectural a list of names posted up: “ celestial being swam last year classic craft furniture develops prefectural annatto fastigium, a few yuan of hot Qian Liu leave a village into dam, price of annatto raw material reverses times growth, the product demands exceeds supply, a lot of manufacturer do not accept order, because of the product almost a day a price, and the price is climbed all the way litre. ”

Industry of classic craft furniture crosses fast development, let many manufacturer homes express an anxiety for a time. “ annatto price all the way drive up, have hype part, and short-term hype behavior can give industry development to bring harm necessarily. The viewpoint of Li Wenhua of president of company of furniture of cabinet of vice-chairman of association of classic craft furniture, article China represented ” Fujian the view of proprietor of an enterprise of industry great majority. Although time elapse, the worry that develops hidden trouble to the industry became reality, this year since the beginning of the year, high-end annatto, annatto is classic craft furniture price falls into market trough gradually, business of the annatto furniture production with a batch of puny actual strength, sale closes in succession close down.

Discard of “ superior bad, accord with the rule that market economy grows. From resource integrated angle looks, company of production of furniture of partial small craft is fallen into disuse to go out bureau, be helpful for promoting a trade steadily healthy progress. ” Li Wenhua expresses so.

Industrial development potential is great

To the near future some authority media says rosewood of “ India flocculus is produced per year very big, log of rosewood of our country flocculus supplies furniture of annatto of enough ” , “ to collect value the view such as not big ” , celestial being swims the county is controller of association of classic craft furniture, classic the point of view that manufacturer of craft furniture production expressed to differ, they think media view is met consumer of misdirect annatto furniture, to annatto furniture the market also will produce negative effect.
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