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Hammock, lounge chairs, picnic tables, etc. to buy during the holiday before the advent of more and more people asked. Whether on vacation or in the cool autumn afternoon, the most pleasant than in the balcony, small courtyard, put the rattan tables and chairs, sun umbrellas on the support, breathing fresh air; a cup of tea; read a newspaper, taste the romantic taste of life. As for fitting in time for the decoration of your season, maybe for the new home finally after a busy few months to gain something, interior decoration done, a layer of small homes, the top floor balcony or terrace layout is not yet a satisfactory program? Indeed, living in the city "pigeon cages" in the side with the outside world "close contact" of the small space even more valuable had. Perhaps this time to come in handy outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture by decorating, it is likely to be your second private space, and this entirely your own private space will allow you to fully enjoy the gift of nature. The assertion of different space design Now, split-level residence, duplex and villas in more and more people, at home with a balcony or open-air landing platform, its own with a garden, is no longer something new. Extension of living space and out, people also have to create a private outdoor space, this second idea, outdoor furniture, natural come into play. Of course, users outside the furniture to create the second most luxurious private space or to highlight the individual, not only have a decorative style, personality, choice of outdoor furniture, but also based on their needs. If only one floor balcony at home, may wish to purchase an indoor furniture with the same or opposite color or quality rattan outdoor wood low table, matched with two square stools, and decorate the pots next to dwarf plants This not only makes the space seem spacious balcony narrow some, but also deliberately to create a Snap courtyard view. If living in the duplex house, decorated for the open-air platform will detail some. To the first good use of this platform, if it is for family and friends gathering venue, and the area is large enough to put a round table, matched with four chairs, and then hold up an umbrella in the above, platform can be dotted around the high number of tropical plants, or put a simple oven and a long table, so that you can open an air barbecue where a Party; but only if the platform you relax, enjoy outdoor view of the venue, just a couch and a small tea table is enough. If you have a house with a garden, then the outdoor furniture is not only some of the most simple, according to different needs, can be divided into several functional areas within the garden, and distinguish between these functional areas, is naturally different from those used for occasions with different uses of outdoor furniture.