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Upholstered furniture usher in the most popular winter hot young family leisur

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Recently, the reporter visited the home store was informed that the software inside the furniture store sales rising heat. Among them, the software sofa, the most popular software bedroom furniture sales, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 80-120%. The industry believes that domestic upholstered furniture for the winter "warm" the theme of the characteristics of strong sales of its usher in the winter causes. The person in charge of a number of stores is expected to enter the New Year's Day to selling the home before the Spring Festival period, software, furniture prices will further go up. Circulation Home Industry Association, according to the person in charge of domestic upholstered furniture market started late, in 2008, began to focus on the major brands to develop new markets. Currently, the upholstered furniture market is still in rapid growth, with great potential. Software, furniture, fabric furniture, leather furniture, most consumers. Environmental protection, durable and so on to the wooden furniture, metal furniture stand out the attack, a great tendency to occupy half of the country. "The selling upholstered furniture, upholstered furniture and a large number of export brands fought in the domestic market are inextricably linked. In bringing world-class excellence, but also bring international brands and experiential marketing model." Further analysis of the responsible person the reasons for selling upholstered furniture. In the software's Furniture view, the market is the core of selling their furniture to improve scientific and technological content. Industry sources, a large number of software, fought in the domestic furniture industry, an increasingly competitive market, focus on health, health, etc., in the next 3 years to 5 years devolv'd. The brand power, low-carbon environmental products, scientific and technological content, value-added products and so will be able to key win in the competition. Journalists and other home stores to see in Jimei, silent technology, soft tone processing, flavor volatile technology, massage techniques, music technology has been applied to the upholstered furniture in a large number. Bed type of furniture has also introduced software, anti-bacterial, anti-bacteria and other functions to meet consumer demand for healthy living. The most popular young family Interviewed found in Ou Yada, Canada should be within the home stores, more than a dozen software stores selling furniture brand products are sofa. Industry sources, the software sofa, furniture, software, bedding is the absolute main software, which software sofa occupied almost 50% market share. In the software sofa, modern leisure sofa sales is particularly popular in the near future. The store, according to preliminary statistics, this year's sales of leisure software sofa sofa total sales 70% to 80%. It is understood that Young has a huge sofa leisure consumers. Soft texture, the design fit the curve of the body is more comfortable. Southern reporter Ou Yada home shop to see, leisure sofa is designed to Trojan horses, bears, palms and other modeling ... ... variety of styles, rich colors, changing the design, leisure sofa can be more easily along with other household items.