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Xiao Bian home a trick: three lounge furniture with examples

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Comfortable living environment for people fitting the most important elements of a new house one time, to create a recreation area can improve home comfort. In a busy work or leisure time with family and friends in this tea to chat and relax, how much is a pleasant thing. Different styles of furniture decorated lounge area with a very particular, Xiao Bian selected from the previous cases in 3 different styles, and representative of the recreation area with examples of furniture, I hope you can make your inspiration. Garden Style: Simple with significant leisure Owner needs: a closed balcony at home, I use it as a leisure area. Placed in a line with the overall style of the decoration simple casual furniture, leisure and family can relax in the tea, watch the scenery outside the window of the garden. Xiao Bian Weapon: rustic decoration leisure areas should not be overly complex and simple casual tables and chairs can be used to achieve good results. In addition, it is best accompanied by a number of plants in kind as sand, can make home more angry. Chinese style: Features an elegant coffee table by Owner needs: tea is my hobby, so deliberately tea lounge design products. Selected has a strong sense of classical Chinese characteristics and artistic roots of the tea sets and tea chairs. In addition, I also acquired a beautiful flower shape, use of ink and other decorative wall, with the overall style of the decoration is very coordinated. Now, here to invite friends into this weekend, I reminisced a good place to chat. Xiao Bian Weapon: If the Chinese style home in a separate lounge area, such as home gardens, etc., can be designed as tea rooms. Tea room style furniture, the best choice for a number of simple elegance and style with a strong Chinese elements. In the material, durability and environmental protection in order to better solid wood is appropriate. If the area is large enough, can also be accompanied by a chair or bed Ocean. Modern Style: Fashion bar fun Tim Owner needs: I like wine tasting, but there is no extra space at home, I carefully set up for this designer, an embedded bar. Although the small size of this bar, but with wine racks, wine and other functions, but also as a simple table, modeling is also very beautiful and fashionable. Xiao Bian Weapon: Modern style furniture advocating "minimalist", and stress function first. In addition to selecting casual furniture, we can also consider the feature-rich bar. Smaller families, you can choose a small bar; area big enough, you can choose a wide table and a bar with wine cooler, usually food or reading can also be used.