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Phenomenon of true and false of backside of prosperity of furniture of our count

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Annatto furniture is all the time since the “ classical ” in be known as furniture, the confluence of high-grade and rare hardwood and culture of traditional the quintessence of Chinese culture makes it becomes the pronoun of high grade and higher-priced, once was the rare furniture with indicative fortune, entering the family of average consumer increasingly nowadays. According to the statistic of Beijing furniture association, 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time, company of Beijing annatto furniture is not worth 10, year sale only 10 thousand yuan thousands of. Current, production of Beijing annatto furniture and distribute enterprise already amounted to 70 or so, year turnover 600 million yuan, than 10 growing at the beginning of 80 time times above. Predict 2005, sale of Beijing annatto furniture can break through 1 billion yuan.

The backside that market of furniture of Dan Zaigong wood flourishs, shoddy, with pretend to be true phenomenon also is compared serious. In recent years, annatto furniture becomes Beijing customer gradually complain heat, main problem is product ability reachs a product to make quality character.

Annatto cultivates kind of name disorder

Supervisory bureau of national quality technology issued the national standard of annatto 2002, 33 the tree is planted return to be mixed for wood of wood of wood of wood of red sandalwood wood, Hua Limu, sweet branch, black acerbity branch, red acerbity branch, ebony, stripe gallinaceous wing wood 8 kinds big, respectively subject Yu Zitan is belonged to, yellow wingceltis is belonged to, persimmon is belonged to, cliff beans is belonged to reach Tie Daomu to belong to. The although made clear annatto,carries out tree of this one standard is planted limits, but the place that still exists to be not perfected, a little professional domain still is in limit not clear ambiguous status. On present annatto furniture market fake the circumstance is very rampant, this one problem basically behaves the name that plants in annatto tree a lot of, put in akin different name or heterogeneous and homonymic phenomenon, without proper Latin name.

Zhou Yubin of vice-chairman of Beijing furniture guild says, at present annatto furniture market is in an orderly condition not completely, certain businessman sets out from self interest, did not give out to annatto furniture label clear tagging, give out however ambiguous, amphibolous tagging misdirect consumer. Be blame annatto like Angola rosewood and African rosewood inferior Hua Li kind, belong to hardwood, certain businessman is uniform however undertake tagging with ” of “ Hua Limu. The issue that a lot of businessmen use afore-mentioned presence is shoddy, with pretend to be true, go up intentionally in commodity label make an issue of, coax consumer.

Consumer differentiates ability is weak

Major customer lacks professional knowledge, ability of stand or fall of divisional true and false is weak, often do when furniture of annatto of choose and buy not clear they are to use after all why to plant material is made, can entirely is provided with annatto home of the name, be deceived consequently. And this weakness that a lot of illegal operator exploit consumer just about, climb the name that adds annatto tree to plant to undertake tagging, misdirect consumer, do not mention expressly on the bill that gives customer at the same time the material qualitative name that buys furniture, once produce issue, because consumer cannot provide strong evidence, administration mediates bilateral very inaccessible unanimous opinion.
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