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The influencing factor of speed of solidify of UV solidify coating

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From Germany 60 time use 20 centuries first since technology of ultraviolet light solidify, technology of ultraviolet light solidify produced main effect in a lot of domain. Coating of ultraviolet light solidify is in rapid development was obtained inside nearly half century in the past, in a lot of domains (if lumber, metal is decorated, presswork dawn of Fu of industry, fiber-optic bag, leather) won wide application [2-9] . Compare with traditional coating photograph, coating of ultraviolet light solidify does not contain any organic dissolvent or inert thinner, do not need to heat when solidify, have small to environmental pollution, specific power consumption efficiency of low, production tall, shrinkage is small wait for a characteristic [10-11] , but, outside eliminating above advantage, coating of ultraviolet light solidify also is put in a few insufficient place, if in certain circumstance its solidify speed arrives directly,be less than satisfactory result. Accordingly, the solidify rate that how raises coating of ultraviolet light solidify gets the attention of people fully all the time. The article from smooth initator, monomer, get together beforehand the respect one by one such as content, dye elaborates them to be opposite the influence of solidify speed, reach its to study way.

1 smooth initator

The classification of 1.1 smooth initator

Smooth initator can divide commonly for the following two kinds: Does bridge of ⒓ of  of cook of  of miscellaneous cover with a straw mat take off dysentery of ⒓ of  of cook of quilt Guang commonplace?

1.1.1 freedom base smooth initator

Freedom radical smooth initator can be divided again by its mechanism mix for dissension smooth initator carry hydrogen smooth initator.

After alleged dissension smooth initator is absorbing UV namely, the σ of carbolic — carbon that is linked together with carbonyl in the element key happening ruptures

C6H5CO—CR3→C6H5CO· ·CR38 B1 H8 V* C1 E6 D. D: R

Differ by chemical composition, this kind of initator is benzene idol marriage and its ramification more, benzene idol acyl shrinks ramification of ketone, benzene second ketone and part contain carbonyl smooth initator. This is a kind of effective smooth initator, especially benzoic ramification. benzene idol marriage is mixed aether of benzene idol marriage, because the element is medium the hydrogenous atom on benzyl aether carbon is more lively, be captured easily, splitting decomposition generates freedom radical, although outer bound does not have the case that provides light energy to fall, cause aggregate reaction easily also, once get the illuminate of ultraviolet light, cause rate faster, because this can make,UV solidify coating achieves rapidder solidify rate.

Alleged carry hydrogen smooth initator, it is to show its get after UV radiate, be in excitation state, but do not undertake disrupt reacting, can offer the extraction in body element from a H however a H, produce a carbonyl freedom radical offers style freedom with 1 base:
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