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Coating sale new pattern: Paint furniture extends program jointly

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Market background:

Since A brand coating is in face city ten years, domestic outfit lacquer develops all the time good, had bigger market to have lead and taller famous degree, terminal user very approbate, established A brand to be in the leading sheep position of coating industry. And the furniture lacquer of A brand is in in recent years in run not quite ideal, basically be price element, and service system is not quite sound. After experiencing the pressure that raw material rises, a furniture lacquer also went up a few times valence, furniture factory is right the price very sensitive, if ” of “* celestial bodies takes the advantage of empty and a lot of manufacturer are entered, and essay card is like “* colour ” , “ fine *” , “** orchid ” is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, these brands held share of market of major furniture factory. A serves as strong brand, strong thrust serves ” invincibly into “ , raw material also is to guard a pass strictly, pay attention to quality, the price is nature falls impossibly considerably, a furniture lacquer is impossible to hit ” of “ price war with these small plants. But furniture factory pays close attention to the price very much again, this produced contradiction: With A furniture lacquer in the market fixed position, especially price fixed position, how will satisfy the angle with furniture never-ending to the price factory? Have better program to solve this problem?

Program source

We know computer, no matter be Dell, HP, IBM,also know, still be SONY, Acer, homebred perhaps associate, divine boat, there is “intelinside” sign on all notebook computer almost, still have hold “WindowsXP” sign beforehand, where is what meaning? Intel (Intel) the company is the biggest CPU chip production firm on the world, and everybody knows Windows operating system, it is the fist product of Microsoft, each your writing writes down this computer manufacturer, in order to use the chip of Intel company, outfit Windows operating system is occupation standard. “intelinside” , “WindowsXP” already predominate, and company of AMD of manufacturer of chip of CPU of world rank second, although price compares Intel to want low, tone is right also, however from beginning to end hard the position of exceed Intel company, intel serves as the market first entrant, established occupation standard, established higher admittance threshold, let suffering of AMD company engorge. Same, operating system of Liux, Unix is divided in server respect can besides base oneself upon, in individual PC business from beginning to end hard the number one position of window of shake Microsoft Windows. Till now, majority consumer remembered “intelinside” only, remembered “WindowsXP” only, natural computer uses Intel chip, install Windows operating system beforehand gift is nice sell, ability sells have price, this is worth a phenomenon that we review very much namely: Intel (Intel) the company regards CPU chip as the supplier, quality is good, the price is high also, but each large computer manufacturer is used gladly as downstream client, because this affixes the computer after “intelinside” indicates gift is nice sell, consumer is approbated, computer manufacturer used the brand of Intel to undertake popularizing, and Intel company is willing also each large computer firm binds a sale for its, this formed pair of winning aspects, and make the position of Intel company gets consolidate further.
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