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Raw material rises cause an industry to change hutch of bureau foreign capital d

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Suffer raw material to rise trend influence, after the hutch such as microwave oven, water heater defends electric equipment to become afterwards air conditioning likely another home appliance product that rise in price. But on the other hand, “ rises in price the opportunity that ” trend makes card of home made product promote quality race to control the market instead, respect of microwave oven of case orchid be an official disclosed yesterday say, its had halted the production of cheap type at present, turn and throw price of tall intelligence, tall sex to compare a product, in order to gain bigger market share.

Exit the market one after another as foreign capital brand, the market that at present foreign capital brand has so has become homebred hutch to defend the bedside fat of electric equipment manufacturer. But how to grab this market, it is the main task that card of home made product needs to consider at present. When chief onrush was accepting a reporter to interview related branch of Beijing of water heater of Shuai Kang report yesterday, express, electric equipment respect is defended in hutch, card of home made product fits our country national condition more relatively, accordingly from on 90 time begin the century, card of home made product is in advantage position all the time. Only lampblack machine, shuai Kang respect continues to hold a title 10 years since 1996 the whole nation is sold the first very demonstrative problem, card of home made product took countrywide market at least 85% above, and foreign capital brand has a place to stay very hard. Manage to foreign capital brand so glide, the case that defends the market to exit in hutch even is not fathomless also.

Besides the kitchen electric equipment such as machine of microwave oven, lampblack, water heater also is in the question with same experience. A personage inside course of study expressed when accepting a reporter to interview yesterday. At present sale of our country water heater ranks first sea Er, just started 2004 actually merely, and a few years short the coronal that gained industry sale, besides benefit from benefit from its old brand is accumulated outside, the understanding to national condition and market demand is its product infiltrates the main reason of consumer eye shot, tertiary is ranked at present under photograph comparing brand of some foreign capital, although fame is outer, but the market performance of close period of time lies from beginning to end glide condition, the homebred brand after the rank tightens therewith had had the tendency that surmounts its gradually.

The management that defends electric equipment respect in hutch to foreign capital brand glides and exit in succession, grab so that the market brought absolutely good good chance to card of home made product. But the human affairs inside a course of study points out, foreign capital brand is in at the beginning of entering China, appear with high-end figure mostly, and the advantage that its get on in function, design and design concept also is his illegally or forcibly occupy the reason in high-end domain to be in all the time. Although foreign capital brand to low end the market gets involved hard, to its at present the assurance of high-end market also appears become loose, but domestic company wants to take over its market, the development that still must accelerate high-end product and roll out, increase brand value class, seek an opportunity to strike back appropriately at the same time overseas market.
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