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Chinese wood door standardizes working conference to be held smoothly

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On May 12, 2008 afternoon, the door of “ China wood that by Chinese lumber committee of major of door of current association wood sponsors standardizes working conference ” to fizzle out in Anhui mountain villa of hill city finance is held smoothly. Chinese lumber moderates before Zhu Guang of current association chairman and speak.
12 days afternoon, the delegate of wooden door enterprise that comes from countrywide each district adds up to big assembly room of mountain villa of finance of city of yellow hill of copolymerization of 80 more than person, two occupation standard to be about to send careful " woodiness door installs a standard " and " woodiness door guarantees standard " ask for opinion draft to have the last time discuss inside course of study, this is two occupation standard reached whole society the 3rd times to seek an opinion extensively in entire industry (sought an opinion for the first time in March 2007; Sought an opinion the 2nd times in March 2008) . Because be to send the last time before careful to seek an opinion, speech of delegate attending the meeting comparatives eagerly, put forward a lot of have constructive opinion and proposal very well, involve each aspect that after woodiness door installs process and woodiness door carry out, guarantees. On open to question detail, the domestic level to be about to send careful discusses the advanced technique level that representing combine abroad jointly, give counsel, make these two occupation standard more perfect, the Shuang Renjian that becomes company of tie industry, service for its created advantage, make occupation standard changes Chinese wood door the process strode ahead again one stride.
" woodiness door installation is normative " and " woodiness door guarantees standard " by Chinese lumber committee of major of door of current association wood is in charge of drafting, two ministerial standard have advanced sex, scientific sex already, have again practical with maneuverability, rank domestic advanced level.