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Chinese furniture sells can of field future situation concern

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Current domain passes Chinese furniture 10 run for years, current job condition upgrades. The whole nation already formed thing north and south center of 4 big sales and 3 grade.
The first grade is center of 4 big sales, this 4 large centers are Guangdong happy from, mouth of gourd ladle of Heibei sweet river, Jiangsu and Chengdu fierce Hou. Guangdong is happy from gross area 3 million square metre, year sell 30 billion yuan, 70% exit; Gross area of mouth of Jiangsu gourd ladle 1.2 million square metre, year sell 8 billion yuan; Gross area of Heibei sweet river 1.2 million square metre, year sell 6 billion yuan; 1 million square metre of gross area of Chengdu fierce Hou, year sell 6 billion yuan.

Secondary class is business area the sale center of 10 thousand square metre of 100 thousand ~80. In the whole nation 2, in 3 class city, the sale center of above of 100 thousand square metre has a lot of, if Nanjing gold fills black of 500 thousand square metre, Zhejiang justice Annam of 630 thousand square metre, Fujian village of furniture of international of 700 thousand square metre, Shanghai horse of Jin Hai of 750 thousand square metre, Wuhan 800 thousand square metre of Ba Na of 800 thousand square metre, Chongqing.

Class of third class is 100 thousand square metre is the following sell. This kind sells a whole nation each big in the city is dotted, blossom everywhere. Only Shanghai area, this kind sells have nearly 40, if golden sea horse is in Shanghai,opened 10 100 thousand square metre to sell below.

However, in in recent years furniture sells the development of field greatly in, appeared the construction that a few estate business join furniture city, and actual it is the phenomenon that fries ground. A lot of sell a blind dilate to build, small and pursuit is big and complete, complete. Current, countrywide furniture sells a gross area to estimate more than 40 million square metre. By 10 thousand square metre year the sale is calculated 100 million yuan, at present home market year sell 200 billion yuan of RMBs, so sell a 20 million square metre enough. Now of near 50% sell field is superfluous.

Current, countrywide furniture sells a situation go from bad to worse. According to investigation, sale of domestic furniture market dropped 2006 35% , and other places of Shanghai, Beijing sells manage atrophic with each passing day. The furniture that takes with Jiang Zhe sells for exemple, before some furniture sells year of Jiang Zhe greatly from tens of thousands of square metre all the way cruel rise 500 thousand very consummate 1 million square metre, offend so that many land agent also join among them, it is to frying estate partly quite. Do decorate to decorate into the manufacturer that be stationed in, clique assistant is managed, investment is very large, often be factory production makes money directly, sell a lose money in business of a sale greatly, have a deficit less hundred thousands of, have a deficit more millions of yuan. The office furniture that some furniture factory manufactures Hangzhou, nonlocal client should queue up the pick up the goods in the factory, can sell a the facade of a shop greatly year hire had a deficit however many yuan 530. Nanjing river east of 50 thousand square metre sell greatly, year management cost wants many yuan 750, already was afterwards hard. Occupy statistic at present, jiang Zhe sells greatly already fell into disuse shut many 370, change industry condition many 870, new store of retail brand shop, chain already exceeded the furniture that open business 2700. The focal point of a hunderd schools that Jiang Zhe took 2006 sells 43 a 27 domestic deficit, profit to drop greatly.
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