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Children furniture environmental protection designs the key that is market of ra

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In recent years, accompanying the improvement of people living condition, of income rise, more and more children had his independent room, a lot of parents are in of children bedroom decorate on threw tremendous enthusiasm and financial capacity, for the child configuration is full of the Tong Qu, furniture that can grow jointly with its, create favorable growing environment for its, because this makes children furniture rapid leap up is red.

Occupy relevant statistic data to show, our country is 16 years old of the following children have 300 million much, 1/4 what occupy countrywide population about, accordingly, the development potential of children furniture is very great still. Introduce according to Zhu Changling of vice-president of Chinese furniture association, in recent years the children furniture industry of our country grows “ very fast, had spread out the furniture kind that becomes independence, make the miniature edition that children furniture is adult furniture no longer, cartoon edition. On the market also emerge in large numbers the enterprise of furniture of children of a batch of professional production, there is no lack of among them the well-known trademark of children furniture. ”

   Environmental protection, design is the key of market of race to control

Competition of children furniture market is very at present intense, want to be in an advantage in market competition, product environmental protection is main essential factor. Zhu Changling points out, want to make the environmental protection property of good children furniture, breach basically has two sides, the first, close quality to be being used at making the particieboard of children furniture must father, reduce formaldehyde discharge capacity; The 2nd, children furniture color is rich, want discretion with Qi Ye, the paint with poor quality contains lead the volume is high, have to the health of children damage.

In the market competition that specializations in children furniture, besides environmental protection function crucial beyond, the design also is the key of market of company race to control. Zhu Changling states photograph of “ children furniture compares common furniture, in production respect of technology, safe environmental protection is having higher demand. Children furniture produces measure must mature the demand of the physiology to children, psychology, reduce the design of pointed horn, sunken hole. ”

Because children is in everyday,grow, conventional children furniture needs to keep changing like childen's garments. Accordingly, a lot of parents are not willing to buy appropriate children furniture for children. The get victory in competing to be in, at present a lot of brands roll out the children furniture that can adjust height, length, can with the child a “ grows ” , prolonged the life of children furniture greatly, also widened oneself market.
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