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Annatto furniture presents new trend

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Style restoring ancient ways is become the popularity of furniture group is thematic this year, furniture restoring ancient ways makes the Chinese style of low-key reservation the choice of people, this also closes to the product of Chinese style furniture that delivered many brands to roll out archaize series in succession. Suffer this kind of effect, furniture of annatto of Chinese style archaize is in today Xia Ye appears to change newly.
Trend 1: Jin Guicai is qualitative more accept favour

Annatto furniture is familial and giant, if distinguish from material, style, can differentiate an a lot of sort. Among them, crop jumps over exiguous, material to pledge Yue Jingui's furniture accepts favour more. According to introducing, use the rare wood such as wood of highest grade rosewood, chrysanthemum pear wood to plant made furniture is the most precious, if antiquated furniture, criterion valence watch is tall.

Trend 2: Concise bright type furniture advocate dozen

As we have learned, at present the archaize annatto furniture on the market is given priority to with furniture of type of bright Qing Dynasty. Below the influence of contracted agitation, the furniture of bright type annatto with nearly two years of concise line is apparent more suffer chase after hold in both hands. Besides, will still have the Qing Dynasty of new fund archaize with a batch of masterly craft type furniture is pushed to the market, furniture of clear pattern of this kind of archaize will go more atmospheric designs a line.

Trend 3: Classic with contemporary confluence

Blindly archaize, did not innovate. Accordingly, a few confluence are classic also warm up gradually with furniture of stylish new-style archaize annatto. Stylist applied carve patterns or designs on woodwork of line of much Chinese style, China, calligraphy and work of arts and crafts to wait for traditional art to behave gimmick in local district, used contemporary design technique boldly again at the same time.