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The trend of 10 kinds of development of furniture of 2008 popular trends

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Be produced from facilitating furniture and sell by tens of thousands pen furniture trades in, the popular trend of furniture rose to surface, resemble a vivid snapshot showed lifelike world for us. Company of furniture of ” of American “ century (Hickory.NC) Ed Tashjian of sale department assistant president, senior expert says: “ we very the need that cautiously choice furniture will come to satisfy us to live daily, and reflect the life of our viewpoint of value, longing be savoured and aesthetic appeal. ” is forecasted and analytic development trend is not an easy thing, mr Tashjian carries much market research, the analysis induced 10 kinds of trends that at present market of American civil furniture exists, be exported to Chinese furniture and produce business, it is certain to have draw lessons from value. Its specific content is as follows:
1 than having more option before

The client nowadays likes to choose accord with their individual character and savoured stuff, anew car interior trim arrives characteristic mobile phone, decorate indoorly especially. Company of furniture of “ century ” supplied the furniture of a variety of 250 structure styles that design for the foundation with aesthetic and principle of human body engineering for consumer, cover suitably to it have thousands of kinds of cloth, leather and cushion for leaning on, adjust through these coming or the change of softness or solid diversification demand. If these methods are insufficient, still can adopt a change style of a kind of armrest, a kind of skirt places a type, or the lumber part that reveals through cover with paint undertakes modulatory. The “ garment dress of usable still finally sofa takes ” , it is those body the spic that reveals adornment style, lacy, lacy, corduroy and other adornment cut out content will adjust.

These methodological opposite produce above the manufacturer of high quality furniture produces large chest to be had as much draw lessons from value. Paint handles the Chinese chestnut color that these chest can use polish of a kind of warm color, or with department of a kind of frontier aureate ebony is made, or with a kind complex and careful Bao Mu spells a flower to make face plate, or the Italian marble that resembles fossil with a kind makes decoration, in order to satisfy the requirement of client diversification. Personalized customer can choose a kind among them according to his be fond of, deck his home and the style that reflect him himself.

2 many small drawers

A few diminutive decorate sexual drawer, can on the side of from the table, before dresser or a few otherer the place that expect is less than is pulled. It may be the impact that makes a big drawer the manufacturer that looks like 3 small drawers to those. Tashjian says: “ installs on a few OK and mobile small drawers and cubbyhole in dated table, people can feel absorbing, this is why the reason ” that we can see their figure on today's contemporary furniture.
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