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Contemporary woodiness furniture shows popular trend

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  1. Furniture is classified according to the style

Furniture of real this year wood has compared “ to sell, the Chinese style of new classicism and Western-style furniture are very popular. In addition return the phenomenon with occurrence hotel furniture and domestic mutual and shirt-sleeve furniture this year. The reason is general those who appear is nostalgic with the thought that restore ancient ways, the 2 concepts that are recursive nature. The member that sell Ms. Zhao of furniture of ” some brand says so.

These furniture styles popular, when designing furniture because of furniture stylist, be from design “ ” of a home is jumping-off place, and furniture sells a feeling that also has sold furniture ” to develop to sell “ the home from the “ in the past ” , most moment is not to sell a certain furniture alone, however whole sells an of all kinds goods that builds need of place of Home “ ” , wait like ark of sofa, TV, bed, include adornment even.

When visiting furniture city, you can discover what can attract the line of sight most is the space that decorates integral “ to live in ” , let a person want in spite of oneself to stop offal pace to study carefully.

Another changes even if, now, furniture is divided no longer by discretion of class of on any account, price, press style classification however. When people chooses furniture, what put forward to the salesperson above all is: See the furniture of such-and-such style to me, I need what kind of collocation. So stylist installs the complete set furniture that needs a design according to the home, often be bought to come home together by consumer.

   2. Contemporary gimmick designs annatto furniture

Real wood furniture is nearly two years of development furniture of the fastest, best-selling, especially annatto furniture. Ms. Zhao says, annatto furniture and neoclassicism czar series are the sort with their most exit.

Ancient gentleman of stylist of Chinese style furniture thinks, the beauty of Chinese classic furniture depends on composed, depend on its fluent structure line and material pledging natural grain colour and lustre. Choose precious and natural lumber, accord with modern to seek natural, healthy consumption concept.

   3. Rare wood more accept favour

In addition, the youth that loves annatto furniture now shows the trend that year after year grows. The youth won't choose a complete set of normally, carry 9 to admire a product in the heart however redemptive home, they prefer those confluence contemporary the new-style archaize furniture with classic element.