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2008 China (Guangzhou) adornment of international hotel building is exhibited

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-12-01 ~ 2008-12-03

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center

Sponsor an unit:
Chinese restaurant association
Week of Guangzhou international design

Undertake unit:
Rich of Guangzhou city town shows limited company

Support assist run an unit:
International is indoor architect stylist organization is allied (IFI)
International is indoor architect stylist board (ICIAD)
Chinese building learns interior design branch (CIID

Postpone meeting brief introduction

2008 China (Guangzhou) international hotel building decorates exhibition

2008.12.1-3 Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center

The corresponding period is held
Landscape of the 7th international and building design exhibit 2008 international hotel and commercial space design

Sponsor an orgnaization
2008 Guangzhou international designs Chinese restaurant association

Undertake orgnaization
Rich of Guangzhou city town shows limited company

The ◆ of hotel engineering market with ◆ the greatest whole world

Up to by 2006, number of hotel of countrywide star class achieves 13378. Distributing from district in light of, the amount of astral class restaurant that Guangdong and Zhejiang save twice had exceeded 1000 at present, achieve 1275 to mix 1089 respectively, rank the whole nation the first, 2, jiangsu, Yunnan, Beijing distributes a line 3 reach 5. In addition, countrywide high-grade restaurant is greeting construction height. 2007, the hotel of 5 stars class of countrywide new assess exceeds 65, grow 30 than 6 years. According to not complete count, the whole nation is waited for judge, in build, wait for build (2007 the start working before the bottom) high-grade restaurant (be equivalent to 4, 5 stars class) add up to 1107, the restaurant that is equivalent to class of 5 stars class among them has 554, exceed the gross of 5 astral class restaurant of the whole nation before look over greatly.
In the meantime, hong Kong and Macao area also are in build many public house. The amount such as apartment of type of place of astral class hotel of China, advanced dining-room, meeting, hotel is huge build reach face-lifting project project, make the hotel engineering market with the biggest whole world undoubtedly. Only Guangzhou city is in future 3 to 5 years inside, guangzhou is close to 30 in the public house of fast star class that build and plans to build, predict nearly 8000 to add guest room newly, became silent more than 10 years market of hotel of fast star class receives blowout form erupt.

◆ sponsors orgnaization introduction ◆

The industry with the most authoritative —— of association of ◇ China restaurant is organized
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