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2008 the 8th Hua Na (Guangzhou) international woodworker and fittings exhibition

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-09-24 ~ 2008-09-26

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house

Sponsor an unit:
Guangdong of bureau of forestry of province of current association Guangdong saves Chinese lumber lumber guild

Undertake unit:
Guangzhou city rich exhibits exhibition limited company

Support assist run an unit:
In south area lumber industry learns Guangdong in market of lumber of piscine bead international south area man-made board new technical advice station

Postpone meeting brief introduction
“2008 the 8th Hua Na (Guangzhou) international woodworker and fittings exhibition ” are it is setting with powerful market, with home (Guangdong) door of floor of man-made board, wood, wood and catenary of other wood industry are active furniture action business is oriented, highlight the platform of the much angle of delibrate of commerce of supply and marketing, learning, had become the major that extends an international market with home of radiate of Guangzhou of base oneself upon to exhibit meeting. Guangdong has of all kinds furniture to produce a business at present nearly 14000 (group of peaceful of Hua Sheng, triumphant peaceful, country, Tai Qi, wait for furniture factory) , company of man-made board production is close 800 (fine Chinese} of {Jia Yao, Asia is founded, power China, 5, invite door of floor of furniture, man-made board, wood, wood, wood to wait for manufacturing company and huge market to offerred advantageous sale arena. There is advantaged geographical advantage in export side Guangzhou, as “9 2” clue of peep of cooperation of economy of region of extensive bead triangle, it is a portal with Hong Kong, in back south, southwest all provinces, look out Vietnam, Indonesian the part that waits for resource to output national Guangdong to will act region economy coordinator stage by stage, be in Guangzhou: The purchases organization and home trading company that comes from abroad is close the trading company of mainland of Hong Kong of the home and 50000 near neighbour is close resource of 100 thousand giant for sale abroad or in another part of the country, the plate company that is home built superior international trade space. In the “2008 on this foundation the 8th Hua Na (Guangzhou) exhibition ” becomes international woodworker and fittings to comply with the market and act as stage by stage “ inside and outside holds the essential commerce that repairs ” concurrently model exhibit meeting. Dimensions comparing is gone to a growth 40% , the guest outside recieving home makes an appointment with 30000 person-time
Cause client:
Domestic client 60%
Furniture produces a business dock of haven of company of production of door of wood of company of production of floor of wood of company of man-made board production and content shed a company to decorate packaging company agency / branch of manage of inspect of structure of market of building materials of company of agential wood treatment
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