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CIBDE 2008 the 5th China (Tianjin) international building decorates exposition

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-09-10 ~ 2008-09-12

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
International of Chinese • Tianjin exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit:
Chinese building decorates association

Undertake unit:
Chinese building decorates Tianjin of society news advisory committee abundant China exhibition serves limited company

Support assist run an unit:

Postpone meeting brief introduction
CIBDE 2008 the 5th China (Tianjin) international building decorates exposition
The 5th China (Tianjin) International Building&Decoration Exhibition
------------In September 2008 10 to 12 days------------
International of Chinese • Tianjin exhibits a center

The grand meeting of building materials of exclusive and large international that area of 2008 year Tianjin holds!
Be worth authoritative origanization construction of reliance
China (Tianjin) international building decorates exposition (CIBDE) by China building adornment association is sponsorred. China's at present biggest major from
International of domain of thing building materials exhibits one of orgnaizations-----Abundant China exhibition serves advisory committee of news of society of Chinese building adornment and Tianjin limited company undertakes.
The market of Tianjin building materials with infinite business chance of Jiao Ju of the whole world after the Olympic Games
The 4th building materials is exhibited ginseng exhibit an area to amount to 10000 ㎡, came from more than 300 famous manufacturers of Korea, Japan, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and home to attend this grand meeting, professional visiting personage evens more 20000 person-time, occupy into double ratio exemple 68% what refer the measure that postpone business. “ Tianjin building materials exhibits ” with its outstanding brand connotation and consequence be approbated by vast enterprise, “ Tianjin building materials exhibits ” to already became building materials of China and foreign countries stage by stage kind the enterprise shows the product of actual strength, conduct propaganda, first selection arena that extends the market.
Be brought into in area of annulus Bohai Sea the country develops the strategy, after national “ including seaside new developed area program of 915 ” development in the center of, the urban construction of Tianjin has entered investment fastigium, tianjin plan adds a freeway newly 589 ㎞, add urban road surface newly to accumulate 43.2 million ㎡, implementation highway construction invests 38 billion yuan; Processing of Tianjin sewage disposal, rubbish, concentration popularity rate of area of service of heat addition, drainpipe network achieves 90% above entirely, realize municipal and public facilities to invest 118 billion yuan; Will build establishment of a batch of culture basically, aggregate floor area 4.8 million ㎡, implementation society invests 33.4 billion yuan; Will build the house 70 million ㎡, build of all kinds public construction to apply 12 million ㎡, implementation estate invests 276 billion yuan. And the relevant economic benefits of the building materials demand of the big lot that brings from this and generation is more inestimable, without doubt, the world after Tianjin already became an Olympic Games builds the market with hot field.
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