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2008 Guangzhou building is exhibited / building of international of Guangzhou of

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-07-06 ~ 2008-07-09

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
Guangzhou Pa continent exhibition (18 exhibition halls)

Sponsor an unit:

Undertake unit:
Guangzhou Bo Yazhan sees development limited company

Support assist run an unit:

Postpone meeting brief introduction

2008. The 10th China (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition---Xu Rong 13829797432
The Asia provides the Guangzhou building materials of dimensions and consequence to exhibit most
Flutter cases

Approve an orgnaization: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Center of Chinese foreign trade (group) Chinese building decorates association
Undertake unit: Guangzhou Bo Yazhan sees development limited company
Exhibit date: On July 6, 2008- - 9 days
Show a location: China exports a trade fair Pa continent exhibits a house (Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center) Guangzhou city reads Jiang Zhonglu 380
Contact: Xu Rong (young lady) 13829797432 Wei Yonghua (gentleman) 13926045557

The corresponding period holds: 2007 China (Guangzhou) international ground shop holds material fair

The 9th China (Guangzhou) the building decorates exposition in July 2007 6-9 day is in Guangzhou China to export a trade fair to exhibit a house to be held successfully.
Current the meeting that build rich exhibits an area thirty-five thousand and ten square metre, extend a number 7300 many, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to exceed 2200, cover country city of 20 many provinces and abroad ten countries and area; Item on display includes: Wei Yu / kitchen, the building decorates hardware, the door / window / act wall, ground shop assembles data, glass, coating, stone material kinds big, and each kinds big there is no lack of well-known trademark ginseng is exhibited inside course of study. “ bend force makes outfit of a lunar month of 30 days, to buy the home to offer to purchase platform ” thoroughly this does exhibit a concept to be in current got more of incisively and vividly reflect.
4 days of exhibition period, attracted 110000 professional audiences to attend a meeting in all, the audience inside its China 95010 people, come from municipalities of 20 many provinces city, the professional audience beyond Guangdong province occupies the half left and right sides of gross; Abroad buy a 6568 people, pervade North America, europe, asia, oceanian, 110 many countries mix South America area, the visiting group that still has many states among them attends a meeting purchase. The main goal of this one meeting that build rich is in the opportunity ” that “ enters international market and domestic cent to sell the market to join more of the creation that postpone business current be able to come true very well.
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