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Art of display of 2008 China International and household decorate exposition

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-06-26 ~ 2008-06-29

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
China•Power sea international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit:
Chinese arts and crafts learns

Government of people of power sea city

Undertake unit:
Name foreign international can be exhibited (Beijing) limited company

Chinese arts and crafts learns a plan to show a department

Support assist run an unit:
Support an unit:
Association of Chinese interior decoration
Building of construction ministry China learns interior design branch

Assist run an unit:
Committee of Chinese display art
Committee of major of carpet of association of Chinese arts and crafts
Chamber of commerce of course of study of upholster of countrywide business association

Postpone meeting brief introduction
What make the same score as the full-scale development of Chinese socioeconomy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood is ceaseless rise, communication of art of culture of China and foreign countries is increasingly frequent, the pursuit with fashionable to culture art is savoured and living people is taller and taller, and exposition will be a good platform and carrier undoubtedly. Be in abroad at present especially Euramerican with the display art of southeast Asia country exposition has developed become the grand meeting that has international force, and in home or a blank, because this is in capital Beijing to be fond of the fair that a such theme holds during greeting an Olympic Games especially in home, be sure to produce favorable domestic international effect.

Bencibo sees meeting general make top class display art and household brand exhibit meeting, with “ radiate whole nation, face world ” to be strategic start, offer to reveal conduct propaganda, communication commerce, master an industry the platform with newest dynamic development, the rapid development of industry of stimulative display art, contented and broad orgnaization and consumer collect the demand of investment to display art and artwork, optimize display art environment, promote humanitarian develop with the harmony of social environment resource, increase the outside influence of Chinese display art, achieve China and foreign countries to be revealed jointly, resource is shared, information is interactive, cooperative the Communist Party of China develops together, the goal that promotes each other in competition, to drive Chinese display artistic development has direct effect.

Ginseng extend range
Display art exhibits an area:
Art of work of work of painting and calligraphy, gift of high-quality goods of sculpture, arts and crafts, craft, folk art, artistic glass, artistic pottery and porcelain, fiber, lacquer art, artistic arras, , artistic lamp is acted the role of, landscape of inside and outside of artistic picture frame, room, display deserves to act the role of etc
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