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China International household was acted the role of 2008 taste cloth art and lam

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-06-12 ~ 2008-06-15

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
Dalian star sea can exhibit a center / Dalian world reads extensively square

Sponsor an unit:
Chinese furniture association / government of Dalian city people / Dalian north exhibits bold and generous group

Undertake unit:
Association of Dalian city furniture / Dalian north international shows limited company

Support assist run an unit:
Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China

Postpone meeting brief introduction
China International household was acted the role of 2008 tasting cloth art and lamp to act the role of exhibition is with “ exit is oriented, on the faces our country northeast and Japan, Korea, Russia foundation that posture of domestic and international trade joins ” to be fixed position, attract what Euramerican market pays close attention to to be exhibited internationally meeting. The thirteenth that the corresponding period holds China International furniture (the summer) exhibition is furniture of area of annulus Bohai Sea exhibits the bibcock of the meeting more. This exhibiting can exhibit an area 120 thousand smooth.

Business chance of ★ area advantage is infinite
Dalian is the international trade haven with Chinese the biggest north, portal of guard Beijing ferry, it is the circle head that economy of annulus Bohai Sea encircles, established classics trade contact with on the world 160 many countries and area, 300 many haven, northeast hinterland is annual the pass in and out of harbor of Dalian of classics of marine goods and materials of 70% above. Nearly 3 years, the furniture that exports from Dalian harbor is annual increase by degrees quickly with the speed of 10 % above. Administration is Dalian fixed position “ northeast inferior ” of international shipping center, more the development of Dalian was offerred once in a blue moon new historical opportunity. This second exhibit meeting the area of Dalian of play of near one pace advantage, strengthen the communication that decorates a bound with the country such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Russia and area household and cooperation, exhibit business to offer more, greater communication commerce opportunity for broad ginseng.
Northeast area home acts the role of product manufacturer little, the home that sells on market acts the role of a product to originate in south mostly, in recent years, although hold water in succession many professional home acts the role of bazaar to open the door in succession pay customer, but still cannot satisfy far northeast market is so vigorous that northeast market consume demand. Southern market is gradually saturated, and northeast market is increasingly vigorous however, the household brand that drawing world each district ceaselessly is thick as hail look for business chance, northeast market already made the contends for surely land of domestic and international merchant.
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