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The 3rd China (Hangzhou) International garden outdoor furniture and Leisure Expo

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January 27, 2010 the afternoon of the 3rd China (Hangzhou) International garden, outdoor furniture and Leisure Expo in Shanghai press conference held in Shanghai Mart. Fair Organizer: China Light Industry Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Wang Zhongqi, vice president of arts and crafts, exhibitions, Sun Yi-Bing, deputy director of the Department, Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Deputy Director Yu Li Qiang, Zhu Jianxin, Director Foreign Trade Department; Undertaker : Beijing Talent-Expo Co., Ltd. Jianxun Vice President; co-representatives of the media: China Consumer Net - Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Yang YF Jin Yi Ying, chairman of the United States "Lifestyle" magazine on behalf of China Ms. Nancy Yu and Shanghai to some media representatives attended the press conference. Content: 1, the industry background: 2, show description: 3, China's consumer network of cooperation with Hangzhou Outdoor 4, United States Casual Living "Lifestyle" magazine and co-operation in Hangzhou Outdoor 1, the industry background: With the development of high quality leisure pursuit of more and more people, so in recent years, outdoor leisure products market faster, on the whole, the global market demand of outdoor leisure products. According to Customs to incomplete statistics, in 2009 the global outdoor furniture and leisure products (related to outdoor furniture, sports and ski equipment, tents, shade supplies, sleeping bags, barbecue pits, artificial flowers, turning Desks, etc.) export value of 1631 Billion U.S. dollars, China's export of outdoor furniture and leisure products 39.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 24.2% of the world, to become the world's leading outdoor furniture and leisure products producer. At present, China's entrepreneurs engaged in the exports of the number of access Nearly 100,000. The world of outdoor furniture and leisure products in major consuming countries are the United States, the European Union and Japan. In recent years, China's outdoor furniture and leisure products consumption has rapidly become one of the important emerging market. To outdoor furniture, for example, 2007 exports of 5.8 billion, an increase of 35%, because the financial crisis of 2008, exports 6.8 billion, an increase of 17.2%, the growth rate slowed in 2009, 6.6 billion U.S. dollars from January to November , Due to the impact of the financial crisis more apparent than the same period last year appeared in a negative growth of 3.27%. Export volume decreased by 15%, prices rose 14.1%. China's main export provinces and cities in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and Jiangsu. Shanghai exports which accounted for 9.15% the country. Export market for the United States, Japan, Britain and Germany. Another example is the tent products exported in 2007, $ 580,000,000, an increase of 9% in 2008, 12.9 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 222.4 percent, 2009 January-November exports of $ 1,250,000,000, compared with 3.23% a year ago appeared in a negative Growth in export volume declined 4% price increase the amount of 0.84%. Taking into account the exports in December, is expected in 2009 with the previous year. China's main export provinces and cities in the tent Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Shanghai, Shanghai, accounting for 6.5%. Export market for the United States, Germany, Britain, France and Japan. Outdoor furniture and leisure industry is a new sunrise industry, according to forecasts, the next decade, developed countries have entered the "leisure age", developing countries will also follow. The exhibition, tourism, sports and health Body, culture and entertainment, art appreciation, community service-oriented "leisure economy" will become the pillar industry of the world, one can say, business opportunities, as long as we further strengthen enterprise management, increase R & D investment, foster Its own brand, our outdoor furniture and leisure industry will certainly usher in a broader space for development, truly make our country become the world's outdoor furniture and leisure products in the production and export of power. 2, show description: Light industrial products import and export by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, organized by Hangzhou Municipal Government; Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Beijing Talent-Expo Co., Ltd. hosted the 3rd China (Hangzhou) International Garden, Outdoor Furniture & Leisure Products Fair will be held March 4, 2010 -7 Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition at the Center was held. Expected to show the third display area will remain at 16,000 square meters, more than 200 exhibitors, more than 800 standard booths, display products, including outdoor furniture, tents, hammocks (chair), outdoor umbrellas, garden tools, garden Supplies, garden sculpture, outdoor barbecue, lighting, artificial plants, camping equipment, outdoor backpack, boat, RV and car camping supplies. To enhance the professional content of the exhibition, and promote exchanges between industry, the organizers during the show at home with the International Association of Leisure (ICFA), United States Casual Living "Lifestyle" magazine and the National Touring Car Company Park and Camp Association, and other authoritative industry forum jointly organized, when many countries and regions from industry experts will be in "Overview of the U.S. outdoor leisure and home market data released in 2009", "China Outdoor Leisure industry development prospects and business model "," car camping car camping base construction and development of the movement "as the theme, Industry Summit held to discuss the development of outdoor leisure products industry, new ideas, is the industry Related industries, including domestic and international buyers in a professional event not to be missed. Meanwhile, the exhibition will be held during the "Outdoor Window" exhibition industry, buyers and other forms of trade orders will exchange activities. Show the preparatory work is currently progressing well, exhibition services, the audience group Organizations, media outreach, site preparation and other work are carried out in an orderly. The Organizing Committee will be through a variety of communication channels, use of government resources to invite domestic and foreign industry associations to visit the procurement of professional buyers, the number of visitors will increase by 30%. Eve of the opening exhibition in support of the Ministry of Commerce, will be led by China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce set up China International Outdoor Industry Association (COLIA), League of outdoor leisure products from the leading enterprises in the composition. Industry Union will in the development of industry standards, reflecting the voice of the industry, promote corporate image, the creation of brand products, such as co-development of the market play a role. Believe that the creation of the International Outdoor Industry Association Outdoor products for the Chinese enterprises will Industry to develop domestic and international markets open up new prospects. Shanghai, as the major producing areas and consumer outdoor products, the committee very seriously, at the same time, Hangzhou Outdoor Show (March 4 -7 days) and Shanghai East China Fair (March 1 -5 days) Time intersect at the show Professional Open Day (3 4 May -5 days), the Long Yang Road subway will provide shuttle bus to and from nearby Shanghai New International Exhibition Center and Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition Center, for professional transportation to domestic and foreign buyers, while overseas for the pre-login Buyers can also provide free accommodation reception. 3, China's consumer network of cooperation with Hangzhou Outdoor China's consumer network (WWW.CCN.COM.CN) is the only by the State Administration for Industry, the China Consumer Association, a newspaper sponsored by Chinese consumers as the target consumers comprehensive information site, in terms of consumer rights with Has a unique social influence and authority. China's consumer network with travel, automotive, appliance, rights, complaints and other information consulting platform, is a press release right in the domestic small, highly authoritative consumer Specialty sites. China's consumer network online store to national laws and regulations for the protection, trust in the hearts of the people for the protection, in the high-quality services and open up a new battleground, breaking the old model, the traditional marketing model into a wave of new Fresh blood. The source of the product distribution channels and strict control, for all products sold at the mall are affixed identity 3.15, in line with more benefits to suppliers starting protection, greatly improve and enhance the consumer And have a sense of trust between brand manufacturers. We rely on the authority of the Chinese consumer network data and policy influence, the brand manufacturers to provide highly credible sales platform. China's consumer network with Chamber of Commerce and Hangzhou Outdoor Light Industry co-operation, will open a special column, the common recommendation that consumer satisfaction of outdoor furniture and leisure products, outdoor leisure products market for the purification efforts. 4, United States Casual Living "Lifestyle" magazine and co-operation in Hangzhou Outdoor Outdoor Exhibition Organizing Committee of Hangzhou and the authority of the global media, outdoor leisure products industry - has a long history and rich experience of the United States "Lifestyle" magazine (Casual Living) joined forces to create an unprecedented Outdoor trade show campaign. United States, "Lifestyle" magazine in 1979, is a Reed Business Information Reed Business Information Group (Global 500)'s professional monthly magazine; is the world line of outdoor leisure products Authority of the media industry, has a long history and rich experience in the industry. Over the years, to the world of outdoor leisure products industry to provide professional guidance and assistance, access to outdoor recreation products company and top management approval And trust. Outdoor leisure products companies in China with its huge production advantage is attracting the attention of global buyers, whether the traditional specialty retailers or manufacturers in Europe and America are planning to move to China purchasing center to the appropriate The price, according to appropriate quality to find Chinese partners. United States, "leisure" will serve as a bridge to help the Chinese suppliers to attract nearly one thousand professional buyers worldwide attention. Its readers, including leisure and home owner groups, CEOs, managers and decision-making people; leisure home products outlets, department stores, outlets, general manager, manager-level people; leisure home products buyers. Outdoor Exhibition Organizing Committee of Hangzhou and the United States, "Lifestyle" magazine will be issued jointly in the domestic United States, "leisure" Chinese Quarterly. "Leisure life" Chinese quarterly global outdoor industry will be gathering information, leading enterprises Development of the industry dynamics and industry consulting authoritative information carrier. U.S. Reed Business Information Reed Business Information Group, Ms. Connie Lineberry, vice president will also visit the 3rd exhibition of outdoor exhibition site in Hangzhou to attend the ceremony and from the United States starting Publications Outdoor leisure market of the stock market and distribution channels as well as heart and purpose of U.S. consumers do wonderful garden lifestyle lectures, the same time, and the guests on the outdoor industry in depth.