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Government of wall of sunshine city act gives new rule

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  In recent years, bldg. of city of Shandong province sunshine develops steadily, the high level builds ceaseless grow in quantity, the application of vitreous act wall is wider and wider. Install quality to raise act wall project to make, ensure construction of act wall engineering is safe, normative construction unit is used defend action, station of city qualitative inspect was made " check and accept the regulation that reachs use management about construction of engineering of wall of farther normative act " (the following abbreviation " regulation " ) , began to carry out recently.

" regulation " divide pair of act wall place to be made with raw material, component and project, installation quality controls a standard, outside referred quality document and relevant record answering to make particular demand when complete is checked and accept, still build an unit clearly to be opposite first the use that has act wall already, safeguard, overhaul requirement.