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Wholesome appliance and conduit install a project

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15.1 general provisions
The installation of the wholesome appliance such as body of the catharsis that 15.1.1 chapters apply to kitchen, toilet, clean and cent door the service pipe after a powerful person that drink water paragraph, indoor drainpipe paragraph pipeline construction.

15.1.2 sanitation should use section water appliance actively all sorts of implemental, valve.

All sorts of 15.1.3 sanitary equipment and conduit installation all should accord with design requirement and country the concerned regulation of active standard standard.

Quality of 15.2 main material asks

The breed with 15.2.1 implemental sanitation, norms, color should accord with a design to ask and due product certificate of conformity.

15.2.2 give drainpipe capable person, should accord with a design to ask and due product certificate of conformity.

15.3 construction want a place

The join application metal of all sorts of 15.3.1 sanitary equipment and ground or wall body secures an installation firm. The metal is fixed should undertake anticorrosive processing. When wall body is perforated brick wall, after authentic aperture fills solid cement mortar, should undertake fixed an installation again. When wall body is light qualitative partition, postposition should be set to bury inside wall body, postposition is buried should join with wall body firm.

The conduit that all sorts of 15.3.2 wholesome appliance install joins should disassemble easily, maintenance. Catchment conduit uses even come to sb's aid have plug of catchment of rubber packing sheet. Wholesome appliance and metal are secured linked list face should find a place for lead pledges or rubber packing sheet. All sorts of wholesome pottery and porcelain kind appliance must not use cement mortar nest to embed.

The osculatory place such as all sorts of 15.3.3 wholesome appliance and mesa, metope, ground all should use silicon ketone gum or waterproof sealing strip is sealed.

Proper finished product safeguard should be taken after all sorts of 15.3.4 wholesome and implemental installation check and accept qualification.

Upend of Ying Hengping of 15.3.5 cable installation in conduit, pipe buckle position reachs conduit gradient to wait to all answer requirement of up to specification. Of all kinds valve is installed should the place is proper and smooth, facilitate use and maintain.

The conduit of body of 15.3.6 built-in walls, ground should undertake anticorrosive processing and protect with cement mortar, its ply should accord with following requirement: Cold conduit is not less than 10mm, hot conduit to not be less than 15mm inside the wall, the conduit of built-in ground is not less than 10mm. The conduit of built-in wall body, ground or dark apply should make take cover engineering check and accept.

15.3.7 cold hot water are in charge of installation to answer left heat is right cold, parallel span should not be less than 200mm. Use minute of water when water supply of cold hot water implement when water supply, should use half flexible join tubal material. 15.3.8, the product manual that the installation of all sorts of new-style canal material should offer by manufacturing company undertakes construction.
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