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Spend furniture only (Hong Kong) limited company

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Be being spent only is to be in the world to make a center, the manufacturing environment that provides in order to ingenuity alone, with the design of world center, with exquisite and modern technology, provide the manufacturer of fashionable sofa brand for global consumer.
Spend furniture only (Hong Kong) limited company is collect design and production the cloth at an organic whole art sofa creates a company, hold to “ sincere in order to need a person, firm in order to conduct oneself in society the spirit of ” ; Holding to “ character is to make those who come out, is not to examine the ” that come out produces a concept; Make spend furniture to make a kind of product not just only, it is the costly experience of grade of a kind of life more.
The company allows birth strictly according to international home mark, quality of association of classics Shenzhen furniture detects the center detects, spend a product to already was obtained only classy article (class A) certificate, become company of Shenzhen furniture academician.

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