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Limited company of furniture of Great Master of Shenzhen town life

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Limited company of furniture of Great Master of Shenzhen town life held water 1996, 2007 the group is bought join be filled with too group, interlink through joining in with brand of ” of “ life Great Master in home, self-supporting the furniture that the management mode of large store sells furniture of famous brand of brand of life Great Master and country sells a route.

Commodity of series of brand of life Great Master holds to the basic principle of own design, overturn to be surmounted after the flesh ordinary, get essence from inside the life, innovation goes series of ” of “ new Chao Liu to savour product of decorous Chinese native land furniture. In 8 years Shenzhen international furniture was exhibited in March in beginning to show ability or talent wins award of outstanding products plan namely first, furniture was exhibited in August in more obtain Jin Tong award of two products plan. Explain new style of city life of “ contemporary ” with fashionable life element, let originality make the one part of the life, your individual character is revealed more incisively and vividly.

Address: Deep Na Donglu of Luo Hu district of city of Guangdong province Shenzhen edifice of 2102 Zhen Hua (4 buildings of suitable report)
Postcode: 518001
Contact: Ever gentleman / Miss He lady
Phone: 0755-82184458
Fax: 0755-82182370
Network address: Http://

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