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Spring day is lived in " Yi Rong " quick result having method " suddenly turn ho

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DIY makes individuation hold pillow in the arms.

Bedding is popular this year the rustic style of elegant. (Picture origin: Guangzhou daily)

Enveloping Guangzhou city when humid air, spring also comes to the side of us as agreed upon. Rise gradually as air temperature, this household that once brought family warmth in wintry day appears to have with the green meaning is full picture outside the window some not quite harmonious.

In this moment, the ” of “ winter dress that urgent affairs changes next a suit massiness for household namely, drape belong to spring the household clothes of day. Spring how ought to be beautiful household played the part of in day? Teach you the gist that a few action make live in ” of suddenly turn hostile of quick result “ now.

Area of suddenly turn hostile: Curtain

Decorate gist: Change frivolous curtain

The window occupied larger area in household, and one of main factors that the curtain that is hanged on the window is atmosphere of decision household whole more. Spring the sunshine of day is downy and warm, if the curtain of your home still is a winter Rilina piece cannot the word of pervious to light thick qualitative curtain, so spring the sunshine of day cannot enter a room fully in, can let household become inanimate. Accordingly, change the curtain is to be the home to live one of way with fast the quickest suddenly turn hostile, and spring also should be accorded with as far as possible when choosing a curtain this seasonal characteristic.

Go up character from material look, the curtain with frivolous cloth is this seasonal optimal choice, if fear frivolous curtain ensures illicit is close hard sexual word, might as well curtain of use double deck, first with render of a voile, add the curtain of a frivolous material again.

Look from colour and design, can consult this year spring the popular trend of curtain cloth, to new fund curtain is changed in the home. As we have learned, this year spring popularity of curtain new fund still is given priority to with romantic flowers design and geometrical graph, highlighted nature and art to change two big subjects, on one hand, the coffee, khaki, grass green tonal and new popularity with nature close, and if the curtain of light color series is blue, the neuter color such as grey, silver is also suffer stylist praise highly quite with its pure and fresh and halcyon colour.

On the other hand, curtain cloth of spring was full of art to influence smell this year, the beautiful draft grain that comes from nature and a few by abstraction geometrical design makes popular central point, in choose spring day cloth when, might as well serve as reference with this, the be fond of of the integral atmosphere that resides according to the home and domestic person undertakes choosing.
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