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Adhesive needs to Chinese environment indicates product certification just keeps

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To build an easy living environment, more and more families begin those who pay close attention to a building to decorate. However, because a few people lack the experience that decorates a building, cause decorate an error, left a lot of snake in the grass. The quality problem of a few surface layer after decorating is shown easily and solve, but a few harms that concealment inside are discovered not easily, but just is these harms brought about the harm to human body finally to cause death even.

The introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman that lives in Shen Zhuang Jindou road is in Shanghai market of some building materials bought a few pails of all-purpose glue to prepare stickup when decorate plank, open pail of lid to prepare to apply man-hour when construction personnel, the odour that discovers all-purpose glue is particularly pungent, the situation that dizziness weeps produces after the person is heard, but did not cause enough attention at that time, construction personnel still continues to use this kind of all-purpose glue to undertake construction. Because harmful material causes inspiratory excess inside all-purpose glue,cause 2 workers finally toxic, send a hospital first aid, among them toxic deeper personnel still is up to now in cure.

Favour of place of on one case is toxic personnel is dangerous without life, this one case is the lesson of a blood below.

Before paragraph time has media to cover such a news. The Xin Jiacai half an year that occupy just decorated, male host was sufferred from to go up by diagnose leukaemia, die after a year. The male host of health of body all through the ages meets with this adversity, family member investigate its reason, thought of the bridal chamber that just decorated eventually. As expected, detect via indoor air, after decorating a year advocate lie reach formaldehyde chroma is serious still in storeroom exceed bid. For this, the Qian Mou that goodwife will be in charge of decorating told a court. This case still is up to now among cognizance. Calculate final goodwife to make the debt that won lawsuit to take compensation, but originally whole family is already broken, again much money also is changed do not answer the life with male precious host.

The “ formaldehyde ” that has mentioned in article is a killer that concealment, formaldehyde excessive can cause blindness, die even. Still have benzene, toluene besides formaldehyde / the murderer that xylene is health of harm human body. The excessive of benzene can make poll dizzy, have a headache, lack of power, serious when cause breathing centre spasm and die, it is a kind of carcinogen; Toluene / xylene: Excitant to the skin and mucous membrane big, long-term contact is easy cause cystic cancer.

To the chemical material harm of above, I think great master already somewhat hear of. A few consumer are opposite coating, floor, clean is provided etc advocate the understanding of material is more, pay close attention to the respect such as its design, design, function very much not only, also raised taller requirement to the environmental protection function of these material, supervise personally purchase. However, stimulating in him home still feels after be being decorated odour, cannot find hidden offender, feel very bemused. Scanty do not know, the cause of disaster often concealments in us at ordinary times carelessly on little material, this is —— adhesive.
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