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Company of furniture of amplitude of cost of domestic outfit raw material sees a

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In the cost growth this year, raw material rises is the first, amplitude is amounted to 40% much. Hardware rolled steel price rose double much. To make furniture company is faced with it is difficult to live. Personage collect discusses major of numerous furniture industry answer strategy, sum up minute of separate out, making good brand and service is essential, want promotion to sell strategy continuously at the same time.

Price of hardware steel products breaks up times go up furniture line of business answers in the right way

Wait for cost as raw material, labour force climb successively litre, furniture industry is thought to had entered high cost period, profit space shrink, exit situation nots allow hopeful. On the forum of furniture company high level that held in focal household net a few days ago, how does many controller of furniture company answer current predicament, assure a company live and develop further, expressed oneself view.

Raw material cost rises 40%

The production value of Chinese furniture industry 1.3 billion yuan of RMB from 1978, to 540 billion yuan of RMBs 2007, grew 415 30 years times, it may be said is added situation is swift and violent. And since this year, this kind of impetus that rises quickly got however keep within limits. Wen Shiquan of president of meaning wind furniture expresses, in the cost growth this year, raw material rises is the first, amplitude is amounted to 40% much. Hardware rolled steel price rose double much.

In the meantime, the salary of employee and insurance the expenses of all sorts of charge also increases a lot of. What China goes now is to go up century the Japan of 70 time, this route that the Korea of 80 time and Europe should take, every enterprise must want to face this. As the home appliance course of study 15 years ago, industry of 90 time home appliance has the century on 50 thousand enterprises, to main now home appliance the likelihood has 100, successful rate may be 2 millesimals.

And Qi Lin of president of beautiful of flourish Lin world thinks, administrative cost includes the wage of administrator not only, make administrative system even, and do a lot of fine chemical industry to make. In addition, the investment that designs a product is very large also, the research and development of personnel, early days, trial-produce should increase strength.

Love Sui Youbin of Yi Ruisi president to think, once the sales volume of the house dropped, furniture sales volume can come down naturally. To next year metaphase, the influence of this respect can be shown apparently.

Oneself will become ” of “ foreign trader

Chen Baoguang of vice-president of Chinese furniture association brings a few numbers: The furniture production value that Zhejiang saves completely first half of the year is 210 100 million, exit is 2.1 billion dollar, amplitude is respectively 14.5% , 11.6% , export fall after a rise among them 15 percent. Before the whole nation 5 months export 11 billion dollar this year, grow 30.15% compared to the same period.
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