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Eleventh furniture of Chinese Beijing international and woodworker exhibition

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Exhibit can basic message

Extend meeting time:
2008-11-25 ~ 2008-11-28

Enter the place that exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house:
North of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6

Sponsor an unit:
China International shows central group company
Chinese building decorates association
Beijing furniture guild

Undertake unit:
Harbor of group north capital is exhibited to show limited company in
Chinese building decorates association
Beijing furniture guild

Support assist run an unit:

Postpone meeting brief introduction
Furniture of Chinese Beijing international reachs woodworker exhibition, be in domestic and international the personage inside each relevant organization, course of study, ginseng exhibits business and news media friends support energetically and below assistance, since establishing 1998, held 10 successfully already, furniture of the grand meeting that already made trade of furniture of Chinese northern region and the most welcome professional commerce international reachs woodworker trade fair.
Just met Beijing furniture exhibits 11 years 2008, the course is managed meticulously 10 years, should exhibit can have occupied position in northward market, extend meeting whole overall arrangement better year by year, the classification of item on display is changed more and more scientificly also, no matter be dimensions,exhibiting still can be classification of item on display enters the most pleasant stage gradually.

Ginseng extend range

Office furniture, civil furniture, classic furniture, annatto furniture, kitchen furniture, public furniture, court furniture, recreational furniture;
Yuan Fucai makings reachs fittings:
Fabrics of component of hardware of furniture material, adornment material, furniture and fittings, furniture, spin, leather, coating and adhesive;
Log, plank, beaverboard, density board, answer plywood, wood;
Machinery of furniture of all sorts of woodworker, metal, mattess machinery, sofa machinery, pneumatic machinery, dynamoelectric tool, spray paint and dryer, cutting tool and fittings;
Household act the role ofing tastes, things:
Arras of curtain, tracery, bedding, carpet, vestee art, things of hutch of carve of man-made flowers, root, pottery and porcelain, lamp act the role ofing, eat, handicraft;
Software of all sorts of furniture major periodical and design software, business management of furniture books, furniture;

The standard is exhibited (the smallest 9 smooth rice) 900 yuan / smooth rice
Indoor light ground (the smallest 36 smooth rice) 800 yuan / smooth rice

Ginseng exhibit connection information

Zhou Ying wave

Company name:
Boreal capital harbor shows limited company
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