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Bamboo makes furniture prospect cannot set limit to

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Our country is the bamboo on the world kind the country with the most substantial natural resources, have 40 belong to more than kinds of 500 bamboo more, bamboo forest area 4.84 million hectare, 1/5 what occupy world Zhu Lin gross area. Bamboo goods has long use history in our country, its are approbated degree tall, and bamboo product value is cheap, cool and refreshing disappear is wet, very popular. These year come, industry of our country bamboo grows quickly, mix in the scientific research to bamboo, production use wait for a respect, our country already was in world banner standing.

Bamboo goods a few big character

Specific and character, bamboo goods has the following big character: It is wintry warm Xia Liang, as a result of the crude character of bamboo, lumber of prep above of function of its moisture absorption, absorption of heat. 2 it is bamboo has tension, fight pressure, bending strength is good wait for an advantage, in Oriental bamboo also be grace, forceful, symbolize sturdily, people uses bamboo to be able to make various life appliance, bed of stool of basket of basket resembling bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo even Zhu Wu, apply widely in people life. 3 it is environmental protection, bamboo belongs to herb, be one of the fastest plants grow on the world, bamboo can become a useful person 34 years, and return after fell trees but second birth, for very small to environmental aggravation, natural Lin Cunliang our country, can yet be regarded as a kind replace data high gradely, and sticking receive on glue of use special type, avoided the formaldehyde harm to human body, be beneficial to human body health. Bamboo furniture generally refer to becomes material, bamboo with collect of bamboo, bamboo man-made board is base material, develop made furniture articles for use. Ever the expert forecasts so: Because raw material is enough,bamboo makes furniture, the price is low, plus elaborate design, below the premise that lacks in global lumber resource, bestow favor on those who make prospective furniture newly. Introduce below at present our country is in bamboo respect a few common application.

Bamboo floor, 20 centuries at the beginning of 90 time, china appeared to make a floor board for the bamboo of raw material with bamboo, because bamboo makes a floor have colour and lustre pure and fresh nature, level off smooth, intensity big, tenacity the characteristic such as caustic of good, wear-resisting, once appear,be used extensively at so indoor decorate. And because China has very rich bamboo resource, of bamboo become a useful person time weak point, viability is strong, these large area promotion that make a floor board for bamboo laid solid foundation. In current lumber resource tighter and tighter situation falls, bamboo makes a floor board more and more be taken seriously, be called to be environmental protection product by people.

Although phylogeny of floor of our country bamboo is not long, beginning etiquette model to enter the market is in last few years thing, but, because have distinctive characteristic: Grain is connected tonal and straight, decorous, “ would rather be fed without the flesh, cannot reside the ” that do not have bamboo praise. Increase concentration of industry of manufacturing process go-between, stability of bamboo floor dimension, mechanical strength is good, wear well, take from at nature, use from at nature, free from contamination, and still make the same score for the bedroom add more culture to savour, so deep that domestic and international consumer loves.
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