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The office furniture of open mode makes a trend

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Tens of year the office furniture industry that has no billows, it is it seems that be in with the tide that cannot resist between one night change, the office of chair of pulley of desk of computer of machine-made orderly grid layout, gray, black is replaced by the new-style place with pattern avant-courier, trendy decorate

Wu Chu

Gules velvet material wraps the wall of Fu, the modernest branch form droplight, lacking in initiative and overcautious and the square table of idiotic is replaced by trendy and comfortable sofa place, full and soft back cushion languid lies lazily above, sending out satisfiedly sunshine is inviting afternoon ground breath. This is not the home of a certain fashionable personage, tower however one of the countless offices in bristly fashionable building, it is the notional office that design of Steelcase of brand of famous office furniture rolls out the whole world, the name calls “53 labour lane ”(Studio 53) . Its name inspiration to come from at going up century 70 time Manhadu is the hottest enlighten hall “Studio 54” , imagine oneself are in picture enlighten person tall ballroom works in the office of general dazzle, that will be how the thing of cruel. The NeoCon whole world that this whole office made last year oneself regards a concept as work on office furniture Fair since coming out, get fervent chase after hold in both hands, this looks be like the office that do sth unconventional or unorthodox, not be the special case of try to please the public with claptrap, it is the vane that furniture of world center office designs however instead.

“ office is OK also very interesting! ”

We think “ to overturn thoroughly dated office furniture is conventional, so ability can design the table, pioneer office that does not have a cabinet. ”The design chief inspector of Steelcase Zhanmusi case of · road easy dimension (James Ludwig) is versed in to “53 the horizontal sky of lane ” is born is complacent very, it is not important that “ has a desk and chair, important is it can become truly comfortable, recreational, the spatial ” that can arouse people job passion, “ still has a bit what cannot ignore, it is not costly, and do not need to take up ” of a lot of spaces, this is in to settle inch of earth for the company in the office building of very little gold, have very big appeal undoubtedly. “ its prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red have bit of accident really, this is rolled out as notional design originally, after exhibit ceaseless however somebody enquires consultative and the price, custom-built, this lets our be overjoyed. ”Steelcase company the global sale 2007 and grew 8% compared to the same period last year, heretofore already broke through 3.1 billion dollar, brand-new office design concept is a magic weapon of get the upper hand of. “ is white-collars not only by it ‘ office is OK also the concept place conquer of very interesting ’ , furnisher and stylist people edify and also be invigorated accordingly, more and more new-style offices are being entered by draw blue print ” .
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