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Proportion of office furniture exit will be climbed litre

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The furniture industry of our country since reforming and opening, development is very rapid. The manufacturing technology of furniture is updated ceaselessly, the breed of furniture increases ceaselessly, form gradually specialization production, the level of management of furniture company also is rising ceaselessly.

Our country has become the manufacturing big state of a furniture, furniture exported thirteen billion seven hundred and sixty-seven million dollar 2005, house world the first. The crop of whole world furniture is 230 billion dollar, china is 42 billion dollar probably, 18% what occupy gross. Foreign trade of whole world furniture is 86 billion dollar, our country finishs 14.2 billion dollar, it is the exit of 13.7 billion dollar, the entrance of 600 million much dollar. Such, 17% what our country takes world furniture foreign trade. This year, our country furniture exports 14.1 billion dollar, had gone more than year of 13.7 billion dollar, increase compared to the same period 28% . According to statistic, increase rate of dimensions above company or 28% , that is to say, this industry grows extent to increase scope with exit is near 30% . This can say, the furniture industry of the world of travel of our country graph is the industry of a flourishing.

Office furniture forms a major gradually. Past furniture is bench of desk and chair, civil with office cent does not come out, how be divided bad also. Give a lot of category a few this years with respect to cent, furniture, kitchen furniture, conventional like office furniture and wait with furniture like guesthouse. The raw material that office furniture uses the world of different picture travel again, different production technology, different product level, different use situation, the after service with different sale kind, different together with, make what furniture specializations form. In some cite a case, the production that resembles kitchen furniture, sale, installation and general furniture company have very big different. After they had been done in yard, want to be installed to each, and do well even after service. The sale of office furniture and general and civil furniture also has very big distinction, specialization so formed gradually. The exit of office furniture occupies China to export the very large proportion of gross, 6.5% what did the pubic to provide exit to occupy the whole nation to speak a volume 2005, exit forehead amounts to 899 million dollar. Among them, ligneous office furniture is 310 million dollar, metallic office furniture is 112 million dollar, revolving chair is 478 million yuan, this quantity should say be the world of travel of very impressive figure. Near 900 million dollar does fair furniture to export, it is the contribution that does fair furniture company to make.